Peak Time 피크타임 Episode 2 Recap

JTBC Peak Time (피크타임) episode 2 continues the survival round from episode 1. Groups compete to move on to the first round.

My favorite performances from episode 2

  • Team 20:00 – M.O.N.T performing ‘Fever’ by JYP. This performance was so fun they had a mini concert on stage. Live performances is definitely their strength.
  • Team 24:00 – Moon Jongup (B.A.P) performing ‘Anyone’ by Seventeen. I absolutely love how clean his dance is. He adds so much style even if there’s minimal choreography. He’s an impressive performer to watch.
  • Team 23:00 – DGNA performing ‘Mirotic’ by TVXQ. These guys are vocal kings. They had steady vocals while doing the choreography. They chose a hard song to cover but they performed it so effortlessly.
  • Team 4:00 – BXB performing ‘Replay’ by SHINee. I love how solid their vocals were and they did the choreography so well. It was so fun to watch.
  • Team 2:00 – NTX performing ‘No Mercy’ by B.A.P. The energy this group has on and off stage is incredible. I love their style and stage presence.

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What is Peak Time?

JTBC Peak Time 피크타임 is a South Korean competition show, giving struggling Kpop groups a second chance. Peak Time MC is Lee SeungGi. The judges are Kyuhyun from SUPER JUNIOR. Tiffany Young from Girls’ Generation. Jay Park, singer, rapper, producer. Lee Gikwang from Highlight (BEAST). Kim Sungkyu from INFINITE. Moonbyul from MAMAMOO. Jaewon Shim performance director in SM Entertainment. Ryan Jhun hit kpop producer.