My Top Kpop Songs of January 2020

January has been a great start of the year to some and a horrible start to others. As someone who has been trying to fight off those post-holiday winter blues, I’m glad I have music to put a smile on my face.

Here are some songs that were released in January and have definitely brightened up my day and hopefully they’ll brighten your day too (no matter when in the year you decide to listen to these songs).

5. Lay Back – Verivery

Verivery is moving away from their bubbly upbeat sound to something sultry and mature. Their latest song Lay Back is addicting. The choreography fits the song perfectly. I’m glad Verivery is experimenting with new genres and concepts. Even though I think their earlier music is still fantastic. I’m glad to see these guys growing musically.

4. Fire – SF9

Firstly I would like to say how exquisite SF9’s music video for their title track Good Guy was. SF9 in suits…it’s a blessing. But their song Fire is an incredibly fun dance track. It’s addicting and if you need something upbeat to brighten your day, this song is perfect. Also SF9 finally received their well deserved (slightly overdue) music show wins! I hope this year will be filled with lots more wins for them.

3. 1822 – 2Z

This pop rock band recently debuted (January 14). 2Z consists of five members: Leader and drummer, Bum Jun, main rapper Hyunwoong, main vocalist Hojin, guitarist Jisub and bassist Junghyun. Throughout January I kept replaying their song 1822 from their ep We Tuzi. It has a fun rock sound and a catchy chorus. It’s different than anything I’ve heard in kpop recently. I love how unique this band sounds and I look forward to whatever they release next. I also have to point out their style, it’s superb and…unique.

2. Precious / Answer – ATEEZ

Hands down one of the top emerging groups in Kpop is ATEEZ. Their song Precious is the definition of epicness. Towards the end they bring back one of their first songs Treasure. I got chills. Their song Answer is the title track from this comeback and it serves as the epilogue to their Treasure series. From the choreography, the concept, the song, I am always amazed at how well organized and planned out ATEEZ comebacks are. Everything flows together and tells a story. Truly it’s amazing.

1. Any song – Zico

I can’t stress enough how many times I’ve played Zico’s Any song at work. When the days are gloomy and I force myself to get out of bed this song has helped me so much. From the catchy choreography that almost every Korean celeb has attempted to the relatable music video, this song is just perfect for this season. It adds color and some positivity to the winter blues we all face. Thank you Zico! This song is something I definitely needed.

There were so many great comebacks for the month of January. You can checkout the rest of my favorite comebacks on my monthly Kpop playlist HERE.

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