Happy New Year! We made it to 2021.

If you have been following my blog for a while you’ll be familiar with most of the songs on this list – since each month I’ve shared my top songs released. But of course I’m not listing every single song here.

This list is simply some of my personal favorites.

So here are some honorable mentions:

“Dynamite” by BTS is fun, bright and always puts a smile on my face. “Life Goes On” by BTS is another great song. I especially love the message, it’s hopeful and everything we needed to hear after a rough year. *Spoiler* I mention BTS again in my top list…so keep reading 😉

EXO-SC “1 Billion Views” is super catchy (both the song and the album). Chanyeol’s “Nothin’” is such a mood. I love how he showed a different side of himself in that song. I believe each year Chanyeol keeps growing as a composer. I know he was heavily involved in this album. Which gets me excited for his solo album (whenever that will happen, hopefully soon, I’ll be looking forward to it). Plus Sehun’s “On Me” is a great dance track. He continues to solidify himself as a great dancer and performer.

Oneus’ had a very strong concept throughout the year. Their title tracks “Come Back Home” and “To Be Or Not To Be” were great and I look forward to see how they’ll continue building their story.

P1Harmony was one of my favorite debuts of 2020. Their concept and sound is what I like to hear and see in Kpop. I think this is a solid group. All the songs on their mini album, Disharmony: Stand Out, are gold. It’s hard to pick a favorite track because I love all of them. I highly recommend their music.

So without anymore delay here are my top songs of 2020!

50. “Day and Night” – DAY6

What can I say? This song is fun and super underrated. DAY6 had a great comeback and “Day and Night” is definitely a song that deserves so much recognition. I love it, I think the members did a great job with this song.

49. “Kick It” – NCT127

So much epic-ness. The song, the vocals, iconic raps, the choreography, the music video – it’s just awesome. Their album NCT #127 Neo Zone is a great addition to their incredible discography.

48. “Maria” – Hwa Sa

Hwa Sa dominated 2020. She released an album and her song “Maria” is unique and it definitely showed her colors as a soloist. The song has an honest message, it’s written as a letter to herself. Hwa Sa is one of the strongest female soloists I know. Hwa Sa breaks the stereotypes placed on idols especially female idols. I’m glad she continues breaking the mold and hopefully this will inspire more people (and the industry) to break molds too.

47. “Strangers” – Taemin

Taemin’s “Strangers” is a hauntingly beautiful song. I’ll talk more about Taemin and his songs later on in this post, so keep reading 😉

46.”Still Standing” – Yesung and Suran

I lost count how many times I’ve said this but – “Still Standing” by Yesung and Suran is my instant stress-relieving song. Their voices together sound heavenly and the simple melody is so peaceful.

45. “Till Then” – CNBLUE

CNBLUE had a fantastic comeback with their title track “Then, Now and Forever”. Their whole mini album RE-CODE is a gem. But I chose the song “Till Then”, it’s smooth and the message of the song is relatable. Yonghwa’s vocals are chill and the whole song has a good vibe to it. I love it.

44. “Sukhumvit Swimming” – ONF

ONF “Sukhumvit Swimming” is such a fun song. The music video is unique, I often go back and rewatch it because it’s so interesting. This is a great mood boosting song, it’s catchy, bright, and I highly recommend it.

43. “Fantasia” – Monsta X

High energy and fast paced this song grabs listeners from the start and doesn’t let go. I don’t know how Monsta X can maintain their energy throughout this song (especially while performing it) but I’m glad they released it.

42. “Get Outta My Way” – VERIVERY

This song is hard-hitting, all in your face, and epic. VERIVERY solidified themselves as one of my favorite rookies. This song is one of their hidden gems and I love it.

41. “Ice Age” – MCND

There were plenty of awesome debuts in 2020. I mentioned P1Harmony earlier and I think MCND is another group that I enjoyed their debut. Not only is their debut song “Ice Age” great but so are their b-sides. Special shoutout to their song “Spring”, it’s one of my favorites as well.

40. “Clover” – A.C.E

Beautiful song, sweet message, vocals galore, soothing melody, what more can you ask in a song? A.C.E definitely melted my heart with this. “Clover” was written for Choice (their fans) and it’s honestly such a beautiful song. Plus it was written by my bias and bias wrecker (Jun and Wow) 😀

39. “Gravity” – Ong Seong Wu

Ong Seong Wu released a great mini album, Layers, and his song “Gravity” is exquisite. I love the simple guitar melody in the beginning and then Seong Wu’s voice joins in. To me, this song blends the feeling of running but also feeling weightless. Also special shoutout to his b-side track “Guess Who” its another one of my favs.


ATEEZ continues dominating as a strong group. Their song “THANXX” has everything I love from ATEEZ – strong vocals, quick sharp raps, and an awesome sound. Their other song “Inception” is great too. I’m glad ATEEZ promoted both songs.

37. “BEASTMODE” – Monsta X

If it isn’t obvious already, I love epic songs. Monsta X ” BEASTMODE” definitely fits that category. This is a song that should be on everyone’s ‘work out’ playlist.

36. “Hold” – Winner

In complete contrast to “BEASTMODE” we have the bright and cheery song from Winner “Hold”. I’ve noticed when I’m having a good day I tend to play this song and sing it out loud. I recommend adding this to your mood boosting/happy playlist.

35. “Oh really” – N.Flying

Continuing with the happy vibes – N.Flying’s song “Oh really” will brighten your day. The song and music video always puts a smile on my face. Plus their whole album is filled with great songs too. I recommend it.

34. “Answer” – ATEEZ

I won’t lie, I still miss ATEEZ bandits/pirate king/treasure concept. However I’m glad “Answer” ended the series nicely. The song is great and the music video is awesome. I think ATEEZ transitioned into their new concept/storyline really well. I love it.

33. “Tiger Inside” – SuperM

What can you expect from the Avengers of Kpop? Incredible songs. “Tiger Inside” is definitely one them. Their whole album Super One is loaded with great tracks. But “Tiger Inside” stands out to me (and another song that I’ll mention later in this list).

32. “Basquiat” – Pentagon

Hard-hitting, powerful message, impeccable vocals, raw emotions – Pentagon really poured their all into this song. I wish they would’ve made this an official comeback, promoted it more, and perform it in music shows. It’s vastly underrated and I wish more people would discover this song. It’s an anthem.

31. “No Good Reason” – Everglow

Definitely one of the most underrated songs of 2020. Everglow’s “No Good Reason” is a hidden gem. This is another group I wished they would’ve promoted their b-sides too. I think the vocals and the composition in this song are exquisite. I speak so highly of this track and I wish Everglow could release more songs like this.

30. “Pansy” – Taemin

One of the most beautiful songs out there. “Pansy” is a song Taemin dedicated to his fans. The title “Pansy” has several meanings and it’s extremely special. Not only is this song beautiful but it is also comforting. I found a fan made video (linked above) and it almost brought tears to my eyes. SHINee is such a great group and Taemin is so precious. The relationship they have with their fans is like no other.

29. “2 Kids” – Taemin

At this point I should list every single song Taemin released in 2020 on this list. “2 Kids” is another fantastic song. The music video is awesome, set in Paris, and Taemin’s freestyle dance and his emotions – it’s incredible.

28. “Think Of You” – Taemin

Another song I believe was dedicated to his fans. “Think of You” is a song that is so peaceful and comforting . The message is sweet and heartfelt. Taemin’s vocals make me melt every time.

27. “We Lost The Summer” – TXT

Catchy song with a deep message. On the surface this sounds like a fun summer song. But after checking the lyrics I realized it has a deeper message. This song is about how their lives changed due to the pandemic – it’s extremely relatable. I’m so happy TXT was able to release a song like this.

26. “Blue Hour” – TXT

“Blue Hour” is the epitome of a fun song. It has retro disco sounds and it’s super catchy. Throughout 2020 TXT consistently released great songs – whether they were darker like “Can’t You See Me” or brighter like “Blue Hour”, they owned each concept.

25. “Love No.5” – SF9

SF9 had great comebacks throughout 2020. But I’ll admit the song I replayed so much is one of their underrated songs. “Love No.5” was a song released as a b-side in their special anniversary mini album. It is one of the most addicting songs of 2020 (in my opinion).

24. “Paradise” – Eric Nam

A summer bop is Eric Nam’s “Paradise”. It was a perfect release for 2020 – I love the message of the song. When it was released I couldn’t stop replaying it. It’s another addicting song.

23. “Dingga” – Mamamoo

Mamamoo released a fantastic bright pop song in 2020. “Dingga” is catchy and it’ll make anyone get on their feet and dance to it.

22. “Nonstop” – Oh My Girl

Even though this song was released in April I still consider it a perfect summer song. When I look back at 2020 I’ll definitely remember “Nonstop”. The song is fun and I can’t help but do the choreography every time I listen to it. It brightens my day and it’s another song that puts a smile on my face.

21. “Not Shy” – ITZY

ITZY is a girl group that I’ve enjoyed their music. But after their comeback for “Not Shy” they solidified their spot as one of my top favorite girl groups. “Not Shy” is bold, fun, and the choreography is iconic. Their whole album is great too (I highly recommend listening to it).

20. “Black Rose” – Taemin

Yes…once again Taemin shows up on my list. “Black Rose” is a song that is vastly different from what I’ve heard from Taemin. He collaborated with Kid Milli and it worked out great. I believe Taemin is an artist that tries to expand and grow – trying new things while maintaining his own style in music. He’s seriously one of the greatest soloists out there. I would like to give a shoutout to his title tracks “Criminal” and “Idea” both great songs. Also all the songs on his albums Never Gonna Dance Again Act 1 and 2 – listen to both albums, they’re incredible.

19. “Infinity” – SuperM

Ah yes, SuperM “Infinity” is an anthem. I love the message of this song. It’s a jam. Once again the Avengers of Kpop made it on this list. In all honesty their whole album (like I mentioned before) is full of incredible songs.

18. “G.B.T.B.” – VERIVERY

I never get tired of this song. VERIVERY’s “G.B.T.B.” is one of my favorite comebacks. The song is hard-hitting and powerful. I’m really happy it was their title track. 2020 was an incredible year for VERIVERY. I love their concept change and the songs they have released have been awesome (both their title tracks and b-sides). I’m so proud of this group and I look forward to seeing their musical growth.

17. “Wayo” – Bang Ye Dam

Vocals galore. Bang Ye Dam is one of my favorite vocalists from this new generation of Kpop artists. I feel many people don’t appreciate Bang Ye Dam (and Treasure) for their vocals. I discovered this song because Taeyang from BigBang posted a cover. I also found out Yoon from Winner and Chanhyuk from AKMU wrote it too. So I checked it out and was immensely impressed by Bang Ye Dam. Then I watched Treasure’s cover of his song and long story short I got into Treasure because of this song. I believe Bang Ye Dam will be a powerful artist and I’ll be supporting him on his musical journey (same for Treasure).

16. “Ridin’” – NCT Dream

The dream team released a fantastic song. “Ridin’” is simply awesome. I would also like to point out their mini album, Reload is full of great songs. “Quiet Down” is another one of my favs.

15. “Chocolate” – MAX (Changmin)

Max (TVXQ’s Changmin) song “Chocolate” is exquisite. His vocals are smooth and he hits each high note flawlessly. The whole concept is classy (both the album and his music video).

14. “Nobody Else” – Monsta X

This song is another gem from Monsta X. Hyungwon took part in writing it. The members sound so suave. I quickly got hooked on this song and I continue listening to it. Hopefully in the future Monsta X will perform this song live.

13. “Dr. BeBe” – Pentagon

Pentagon grabbed my attention with this song. Prior to “Dr. BeBe” I enjoyed Pentagon’s music but it wasn’t until this comeback that I learned more about the group and their full discography. “Dr. BeBe” was a complete concept change for the group and I think they delivered the song incredibly well. It’s actually one of my favorite concepts from a group in 2020. Their albums WE:TH and Universe: The Black Hall are incredible. I hope more people will support Pentagon.

12. “Back Door” – Stray Kids

Stray Kids is another group that continues dominating the music scene. I love both albums they released but I have to pick their title tracks for this list. “Back Door” is a song full of various elements and they work together. Also the music video is a masterpiece.

11. “God’s Menu” – Stray Kids

“God’s Menu” is epic, powerful, and it still holds Stray Kids unique sound. I love how this group produces their own music (specifically 3RACHA). Stray Kids has their own identity, sound, style, they know what works best for them, and I think that’s what makes them a strong group. Plus this music video is also one of my top favorites. The camera work, editing, the overall performance from the members is top notch.

10. “Born Ready” – GOT7

Another great song from GOT7 and an underrated one too. “Born Ready” is a perfect song when you need some motivation. There’s been several days when I had this song on repeat. I highly recommend GOT7’s albums Dye and Breath of Love: Last Piece.

9. “Summer Hate” – Zico (feat. Rain)

No surprise my number one summer song was Zico’s “Summer Hate” feat. Rain. The song is a whole mood plus it’s super catchy. I love all the songs from his album Random Box. Zico knows how to create music that is hard-hitting, sentimental, or bright and he knows how do them well. I’m sure “Summer Hate” will be on many summer playlists for the years to come.

8. “Give You Up” – UNVS

UNVS is a vastly underrated group. They officially debuted in 2020 and all the songs they released are top tier. The vocals these guys have are impeccable. I recommend all their songs. But I’ll admit a song that I replayed so many times (according to Spotify it is one of my top played songs) is “Give You Up”. I love everything about it – vocals, harmony, the overall sound – it’s amazing.

7. “Love me or Leave me” – DAY6

Hands down, my favorite DAY6 song from 2020 is “Love me or Leave me”. This is another song I wish could’ve been promoted more. I think the band created a masterpiece with this track.

6. “Stand Together” – Monsta X

Now we’re back with some hard-hitting songs. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again – Monsta X “Stand Together” is another powerhouse anthem.

5. “Resonance” – NCT 2020

My hopes and dreams for a full NCT comeback was fulfilled in 2020. “Resonance” blends some of my favorite tracks from NCT’s Resonance album, all the members participated in it, and it’s an epic song. It’s everything I wanted from NCT and I love it.

4. “Waves” – Kang Daniel (feat. Jamie and Simon Dominic)

Kang Daniel had a great year musically. He had one of the best collaborations of 2020 (in my opinion). His song “Waves” which features Jamie and Simon Dominic is a match-made in heaven. The song is beyond catchy. His album Magenta is also filled with great songs – “Who U Are” is a perfect example. Kang Daniel is another soloist who definitely dominated 2020.

3. “On” – BTS

In 2020, BTS released incredible music – “Life Goes On”, “Black Swan”, “Dynamite”, “We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal” – just to name a few. But the song I personally love is “On”. The message of the song, the sound of it, the guys’ vocals and raps – it all comes together to create an empowering song. It’s another anthem that has helped me get through 2020.

2. “Candy” – Baekhyun

I wish I could list every single song from Baekhyun’s album Delight. According to Spotify almost all his songs made it on my most replayed songs list. I can’t explain how many times I’ve played “Candy”. The words catchy and addicting are an understatement. I think Baekhyun continues to solidify himself as a strong soloist. “Candy” will forever be an iconic song to me.

1. “Any song” – Zico

My number one song from January 2020 has maintained its spot throughout the whole year. “Any song” is my go-to song for anything. The lyrics are relatable the melody is catchy. I want to thank Zico for gifting us such great songs. His music has helped me get through the stressful moments and happy moments of the year. I’m proud of his accomplishments. I’m glad we have great music that helps us get through good days and bad days.


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