EVERGLOW Is A Resilient Force in Their Single Album ‘Last Melody’

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After an eight month hiatus, EVERGLOW returned faster, stronger, better than ever. As someone who’s been following their journey since their debut, I was blown away by this comeback.

With just three songs on their single album, the members still manage to pack so much into each song.

Before I talk about Last Melody I want to mention their three part documentary. If you haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend you do – it’s on their YouTube channel. The members speak candidly about the process of being an idol, their expectations before becoming an idol and the reality of the job.


I was shocked by their honesty considering idols mostly highlight the good things about their careers. I never realized all the things the members went through personally and my respect for EVERGLOW has grown immensely. 

So now let’s talk about their single album!

Here’s my reaction video to EVERGLOW’s “First” MV.

Their title track, “First”, is a powerhouse anthem. The song starts with an epic orchestra and within the first few seconds I knew this song was different from the rest. EVERGLOW tells listeners that no matter the darkness they face, they’ll be there for them. They give listeners encouragement, reminding them to “know your power” – to have courage to deal with the darkness and find the light. I love the lyrics of this song. My favorite line is: 

“이 세상 어디도 빛은 없단
거짓에 속지는 말아줘 우리 함께
본 적 없는 꿈을 꿀 거야”

English translation:
“Don’t be deceived by the lie, 
That there is no light in this world, 
together we will dream a dream that’s never been seen before.” 

The music video captures the power of the song. The video is set in space and it has all the sci-fi elements I love to see. The choreography is incredible, it’s hard hitting and intense. The members deliver each movement with passion and strength.

The next song “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” it’s a complete 180 from their title track. This song sounds bright, festive, and it has a nice retro sound. The lyrics are quite interesting, it’s about enjoying the moment. But I also think this song could be about a one night stand. I guess it’s up to listeners’ interpretation of the lyrics. Either way this song is easy to dance along to.

The third track, “Please Please” is my favorite. It’s a softer song and we hear the members’ amazing vocals. In the lyrics they express how they don’t want someone to say goodbye. Despite how beautiful this track is, it also has a sad undertone too. I read some comments online of people tearing up while listening to this song.

I realized EVERGLOW has some of the best b-side tracks. In their previous comeback I loved their softer songs. I think their vocals are vastly underappreciated. “Please Please” sounds like it belongs in a TV or Movie soundtrack. It’s absolutely beautiful and I hope they release a video for this song.

EVERGLOW Last Melody was a short but sweet single album. I’m glad E:U, Sihyeon, Mia, Onda, Aisha and Yiren put their passion and love into this comeback. Despite the hard times they went through, whether as a group or personally, they came back stronger than ever.

I wish EVERGLOW all the best in their promotions and future activities. I look forward to see their musical journey and growth as artists.

Make sure to check out EVERGLOW’s single album Last Melody.


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