TVXQ! Max Changmin “Devil” is Hauntingly Beautiful and Powerful

Max, also known as TVXQ! Changmin returned with his 2nd mini album. Each track on the album is different, with its own message and sound. The title track “Devil” is hauntingly beautiful. The choir and Changmin’s powerhouse vocals will give anyone chills.

The song conveys a powerful message of overcoming hardships. Changmin participated in the lyrics and as a listener we can hear the emotion he put into every word.

Here’s my reaction video to Changmin “Devil” MV.

The music video itself is another masterpiece. I love how the video goes back and forth between dark tones and light tones – both in the setting and in his outfits. Even the choreography portrays the struggle between light and darkness.

I mentioned in my reaction video that this could be one of my top favorite music videos of the year. It’s already March and I can confirm, so far this is still one of my top favorite MVs.

Changmin never fails to amaze me in his music and his performances. I was a fan of his Chocolate album and his Japanese album Human. I’m happy to say Devil is another amazing album.

I want to write more about this album in detail, but sadly my words are failing me. That’s why it’s taken me so long to write this post. I’ve been looking for the best adjectives to describe how I feel. But if you’ve seen any of my reaction videos, you’ll know exactly how I feel.

Prior to “Devil”, Changmin released “Fever” during SMTOWN Live 2022 online concert. When I saw his performance my jaw dropped. The power that song has is overwhelming. I don’t know how Changmin does it, after all these years he continues performing with so much passion and excellence – from his dancing to singing and his overall stage presence.

Here’s my reaction video to Changmin “Fever”.

I also want to mention the lyrics in “Fever” are really spicy. ❤️‍🔥

Changmin also released a video for his b-side track “Maniac” which is heavily inspired by the legendary filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock. The whole music video is loud, bold, and is a wonderful homage to Hitchcock films.

Here’s my reaction to Changmin “Maniac”.

I think out of all the songs on his album “Fever” and “Devil” have similar feel to them. But the rest of the songs are completely different showing Changmin’s range, not only vocally but in terms of music genres.

“Maniac” has a fun keyboard, synth sound throughout the song. It reminds me of an 80s song, similar to Billy Joel. “Alien” is a smooth track with a solid base sound that gives it a nice groove. I absolutely love the ending of the song, that breakdown is *chef’s kiss*. “Dirty Dancing” is a sexy song with some Latin/Spanish flare to it. This is one of my favorite b-sides.

“Airplane Mode” is a soothing song. His vocals are soft and he hits those high notes so effortlessly. It’s a stark contrast to the first song on the album “Devil” but I love how each track flowed and created a well rounded mini album closing out with “Airplane Mode”.

Although this album was released in January, I won’t get tired of listening to these songs at least not for a while.

If you haven’t listened to Changmin’s Devil album please do – as well as his Japanese album Human. I’ll also say, if you haven’t listened to his Chocolate album….why!? Do it now. Listen to all his albums trust me they’re incredible.


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