EXO’s Xiumin ‘Brand New’ is the Sweetest Gift – Plus The Hidden Details in His MV

On September 26, EXO’s Xiumin had his official solo debut with his song ‘Brand New’. The song has a retro sound, reminisce of 90s early 00s while still being modern. Think Y2K meets 2022. Xiumin sings about showing a new version of himself. 

The music video is bright and playful. Xiumin incorporates a bit of EXO’s story world in his concept with his ‘frost’ powers. 

For those of you who don’t know, EXO’s concept is that each member has a special power – light, fire, water, wind, etc. Therefore Xiumin’s power is ‘frost/freeze’ and we see it in several scenes, including his power symbol too.

The song was choreographed by the dance team from Auspicious: RYU.D, MO.I, and DOO EUN. The dance has quick movements and iconic gestures. One of the key moments in the dance is when Xiumin separates his hands like he’s opening a present for the viewer. He emphasizes gifts not only in the choreography but also in the video. These details make the whole performance memorable and sweet.

In the music video there are a few hidden details. Specifically on 0:33 seconds into the video Xiumin is sitting in front of a barcode. At first it’s easy to look over the numbers and words written. But there’s meaning behind them.

  • All the 9s represent Xiumin’s number, 99. Each member in EXO has a specific number that represents them.
  • In the bottom left there’s the number 326 – this is Xiumin’s birthday (March 26th).
  • Next is 2012, 0408 – the date EXO debuted (April 8, 2012).
  • In the right where it says ‘Made in: KWANGYA’ this is part of SM Universe. 

Usually SM artists will mention the word Kwangya within their lyrics. But in ‘Brand New’ Xiumin didn’t mention the word in his song but he did discreetly show it in the video.

EXO has built a solid identity as a group. But also the members who have released solo work have created a unique musical identity for themselves too. 

Xiumin has showed his bright playful personality in his solo debut. Anyone who watches his music video or live performances will see and feel his positivity and energy.

Make sure to check out Xiumin’s 1st mini album ‘Brand New’ on official music streaming platforms: https://XIUMIN.lnk.to/Brand_New

His mini album has four additional songs: Feedback, How We Do (Feat. 마크 (Mark) of NCT), 민들레 (Love Letter), and Serenity.

Brighten your day with Xiumin’s music and listen to it now.