MAMAMOO Brings Sexy Back In ‘ILLELLA’

After two years the quartet, MAMAMOO, had their comeback on October 11th. ‘ILLELLA’ is a song infused with reggae sounds. Moonbyul participated in the composition and lyrics. She knows the strength each member has and definitely utilized it in this song. 

The music video displays the members charisma and charms. ‘ILLELLA’ was choreographed by 1Million Dance Studio’s Lia Kim and Harimu. They perfectly captured the vibe of the song with each movement.

‘ILLELLA’ can easily make anyone move to the rhythm and chant the chorus.

On a side note: This year I hoped MAMAMOO would perform at award shows, specifically MAMAs (the biggest Kpop award show). But I understand they started their world tour ‘MY CON’ and continue preparing for it. Ever since 2019 I would look forward to their performances at award shows. Every year their stage was unpredictable and show stopping. I highly recommend checking out their award show performances.

But I am happy that MAMAMOO is having their first world tour. If they’re going to a city near you, you should definitely get tickets.

Along with ‘ILLELLA’ they also released a music video for their b-side track ‘하나,둘,셋 어이! (1,2,3 Eoi!)’. In the video the members have an exciting night out. The song was written by Solar and Moonbyul and it represents the group in a fun way. 

There’s lots of signature phrases the group uses in the song such as their opening chant ‘I Say MAMA MAMA MOO’ and a motto they would say before going on stage, which is the title of the song ”하나,둘,셋 어이! (1,2,3 Eoi!)’.

Overall this comeback for MAMAMOO was phenomenal. Despite Wheein being in a different agency from the other three – they all came together to release and promote this song. 

If there’s a Kpop group to show someone who’s unfamiliar with Kpop, MAMAMOO should be on that list. Their music ranges from various genres and their concept can appeal to just about anyone. You won’t find another group like them.

I can always count on MAMAMOO to be authentic and deliver iconic timeless music.