SF9 Solve a Mysterious Case in Their Song ‘Puzzle’

SF9 had their comeback on January 9th with their 12th mini album THE PIECE OF9. The album has six songs: Puzzle (title track), Love Colour, New World, Fighter, Tight, and Stay with me.

The music video shows the members piece together a puzzle by finding clues. The music video reminds me of a sophisticated secret agent movie. SF9 has a unique sexiness to them, their natural charms shine and I can’t help but have a crush on the whole group. Their vocals are smooth and their rap verses are sharp. Plus this choreography is fantastic.

Shoutout to their b-side tracks ‘New World’ and ‘Fighter’! Both songs are on my ‘motivation’ playlist. They’re so good. Please check them out, I recommend it.

What are your opinions on this comeback? Let me know.