Peak Time (피크타임) Episode 1 Recap

Hello everyone, so if you’re aware of all things Kpop then you probably heard of the latest idol competition show Peak Time.

Peak Time 피크타임 is a South Korean competition show, giving struggling Kpop groups (who have already debuted) a second chance. This show is from JTBC. I absolutely love the premise of this show. I think unknown groups are hidden gems. It breaks my heart seeing talented artists not get the recognition (or the financial stability) they deserve.

Here’s a few quick facts to know about this show:

The MC is the wonderful Lee SeungGi.

The judges, who will determine if the group will proceed to the next round, are:

  • Kyuhyun from SUPER JUNIOR
  • Tiffany Young from Girls’ Generation.
  • Jay Park, singer, rapper, producer.
  • Lee Gikwang from Highlight (BEAST).
  • Kim Sungkyu from INFINITE.
  • Moonbyul from MAMAMOO.
  • Jaewon Shim performance director in SM Entertainment.
  • Ryan Jhun kpop producer.

Mino from Winner, was also a judge for the first couple of episodes. But he will be enlisting in the military – so Moonbyul from MAMAMOO will take his place as judge.

Each group chooses a random time of day and that is the name they will compete under. Example: 2PM or 2AM (I will mention 2PM every chance I get…I love them) 😉

The group’s compete under a number so they are judged without bias.

So throughout episode 1 and 2 I definitely recognized some groups. I think the performances were great. But the most heartbreaking part is hearing the stories from these groups struggling to make it. Team 11:00 (aka VANNER), they shared their story how it’s only the members and their CEO. They don’t have a big team or the finances like other groups to fully succeed. The members of VANNER each have regular jobs on the side – while trying to keep the group going.

This is the reason why I love Peak Time already. It’s giving these groups a second chance and it helps them put themselves in front of a new audience.

Here’s my full review / recap of episode 1. There are spoilers (for episode 1).

Personally I think Kyuhyun is a great lead judge, he’s funny and honest. I think he brings a nice balance to the rest of the judges. I realized I agreed with most of what Jay Park said in his evaluation of these groups and their performances.

All in all, episode 1 is a solid start to this series.

If you want to rewatch all the performances from episode 1 with me, make sure to check out my Peak Time After Show! There’s additional commentary and a few rants too 😉