Is this an Indication for the Rest of Award Season? Seventeen Wins Daesang at TMAs 2023

It’s that time of year, everyone: AWARD SEASON is upon us!

The Fact Music Awards, TMAs 2023, happened on October 10th. I believe this is the first K-pop award show for the season. I understand that many people hate award shows. They can be disappointing and stressful. But I look at it on the positive side. To me, award shows are a time of celebration, celebrating everything K-pop and honoring all the groups and artists who worked hard throughout the year.

So with all that being said, let’s talk about TMAs.

The Fact Music Awards is an award show that celebrates South Korean music and culture. The winners are determined 60% single and album scores, 40% judge’s score. Except for the following categories that are all 100% fan votes:

  • Idol plus Popularity Award 
  • Group/Solo 
  • Fan N Star Choice Award Group / Solo
  • Best Music Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
  • FOUR Star Award
  • Best Ads. Award

First up, the BIG winner of the night: Seventeen! They took home the Daesang (Grand Prize). Previously, this award was given to BTS several years in a row. But this year, the thirteen-membered, synchronization kings secured it.

A Daesang 대상 award, is the highest honor in a ceremony. It is the Grand Prize. This is the award everyone strives to achieve.

If you’ve watched my recent livestream or seen my reaction videos to Seventeen, then you know ‘Super’ is one of my favorite comebacks of the year. Everything about it was so powerful: the music video, choreography, verses, music, performances, everything is top-notch. Seventeen represents everything I love about K-pop. They deserve all the love and recognition.

Seventeen winning the Daesang was very well-deserved.

If this is any indication for the upcoming award shows, Seventeen could very well be one of the most celebrated groups this year.

I did a livestream talking about the rest of the winners in all the categories (there are timestamps below).

0:00 – Greetings 

6:51 – Daesang (Grand Prize): SEVENTEEN

12:46 – Artist of the Year (Bonsang): aespa, ATEEZ, and more

13:39 – ATEEZ 

19:24 – Worldwide Icon: aespa

27:55 – Best Performer: IVE

30:55 – Four Star Award: Stray Kids

33:57 – Listeners’ Choice: NewJeans

34:40 – Next Leader: RIIZE, ZEROBASEONE

41:05 – Best Music: Lee Chan Won, BTS, BTS’s V, Lim Young Woong

44:58 – Idol Plus Popularity Award: BTS’s Jimin

45:28 – brb

48:26 – Jimin

49:19 – Solo Performer of the Year: Kwon Eun Bi

50:36 – Band Performer of the Year: Jannabi

51:25 – brb

52:42 – Fan N Star Most Voted: BTS, Lim Young Woong

53:18 – Hottest: BOYNEXTDOOR, xikers

24:57 – Fan N Star Best Ads Award: Lim Young Woong

56:18 – MAMAs award

59:43 – Pentagon Group Announcement