Lifestyle 2016

Blogging Can Be Tough

Why have I not posted anything on my blog?

Why have I been M.I.A. here?

Why am I an awesome person?

Ok maybe the last question was too much. Anyway some of you know that I’m in the Disney College Program (if you guys watch my Youtube videos I posted a video explaining that).

So yes, I packed my bags and traveled all the way to Disney to work and study there. I’ve met some interesting and cool people while I’ve been here.

I’ve tried (really really really) hard to keep up with my videos. I promise “A new video every week”. So far I’ve kept my word. I pre filmed some vids (I mentioned that in my previous blog post) which has helped.

But unlike a YouTube channel, blogging is much different and I am a very picky person when it comes to posting things.

I usually ask myself, “What should I write about?” “What updates should people know?” “Do I have any cool pictures to explain my blog post?”

That last question usually gets me. I love photography and I wish to get better at it, and I feel my blog post is an extension of photography. I document my day and I can explain it on here. Lately I haven’t been able to pick up the camera and just take a picture of my coffee cup like I used to because most of the time I’m rushing to do something or go somewhere.

Bottom line: I will try to keep this blog updated, but for the meantime check out my YouTube channel and Twitter where I’m the most active on 🙂

Thanks for reading!






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