Do people honestly care about these movies that will be released? Will all the hype be worth it?

Let’s face it, we’re all a sucker for a good heroic picture where good fights evil. A movie where Peter Parker flashes his charming smile and Wonder Woman’s hair billows majestically in the wind.

But the year isn’t over yet.

In today’s post I’ll give my predictions for some of the most anticipated (seems like) blockbuster movies for the end of 2017.

2017 BlockBuster.png

*I know there are PLENTY of movies that I don’t mention in this post but trust me I’ll do another post talking about them 🙂

1.) Kingsman: The Golden Circle

  • I used to hate the first movie, I watched it again and really enjoyed it.
  • Now, the second movie looks quite interesting. Eggsy played by the handsome (swoon worthy) Taron Egerton will be returning.
  • I think it will be interesting seeing the Brits team up with the Americans. Also Colin Firth will be back!
  • BUT will it be better than the first movie?
    • No. I don’t think it will be better than the first, but it might just be as good. Hollywood has a tendency of making great movies but usually sequels fall short.



2.) Thor Ragnarok

  • Chris Hemsworth is back! But with a little less hair. It feels like forever since I’ve seen Thor and Hulk on the big screen. This movie has the stamp of approval from Marvel, so I’m certain this will be a hit. Marvel has found it’s recipe for making great movies and I’m sure Thor won’t disappoint.



3.) DC’s Justice League

  • Oh my, here we go. There will always be two types of people when it comes to DC movies. Those that LOVE them and those that HATE them. Lucky for the world…I’m in the middle. I thought Batman v. Superman was okay, not that great but not completely horrible.
  • The trailer for Justice League looks VERY promising. Plus everyone is now familiar with Wonder Woman, people might have hope for this movie.
  • As for me…I’ll keep my expectations low. That way when I watch it (and if it’s good) I’ll be pleasantly surprised.



4.)  Star Wars The Last Jedi

  • I squeal just by thinking about this movie! Hands down Star Wars may be THE movie of the year.
  • Who is Rey related to?
  • Will Luke Skywalker finally speak?
  • What will happen when BB-8 meets its evil twin BB-9E?
  • I have no doubt The Last Jedi will be an incredible movie that will break box office records. I can already see young and old fans flocking to the theaters with their lightsabers and Jedi robes to watch it.



Here’s a video of me saying pretty much the same thing I wrote on this post:


Like I mentioned above, there are plenty of movies I didn’t mention in this post (or in my video) but I will get around to talking about them. I just wanted to keep my video and post somewhat short.

Thanks for reading/watching!