Courtney Rose, you are the new mayor…

Copy of 2017 BlockBuster

Honestly I haven’t seen much of the TV shows from ABC, besides Dancing with the Stars and Once Upon A Time. So when I saw the commercial for The Mayor, I was intrigued. A young 27-year old rapper places his name in the ballot. He runs a somewhat successful campaign (mostly promoting his music) and BAM, he becomes the mayor of his town.


From the first few minutes to the last second of the show I was glued to my TV.

The characters were fun and energetic. Their interactions with each other were the best. Especially Courtney’s two best friends; TK and Jermaine. Lea Michele plays a character who seems like she wants to move up the political ladder and will do whatever it takes.  Yvette Nicole Brown (we all know and love her from Drake & Josh) plays Courtney’s sassy, awesome mom.


I haven’t seen a good comedy show since The Office (the American one). Usually I watch drama TV shows (mostly historical). So for me this show is completely different from what I normally watch and I loved it.


It’s fun to see a show about a regular young guy becoming a mayor and seeing what he will do to improve his city or see what he does with his new power. That sentence just reminded me of Arrow…but for the record this show is nothing like that.


I hope The Mayor has a good storyline and keeps its comedic aspect throughout the rest of the season. I know some comedy shows tend to turn more serious towards the season finale. But honestly I think this world needs a good comedy show that empowers young people.


Also, am I the only one that feels this show is an updated version of “Cory in the House” from Disney Channel?

Bottom line, I really enjoyed The Mayor, I believe it has potential and I hope the rest of the season will be just as good (if not better) than the first episode.

Good job ABC, I look forward to watching this awesome show!