Day6 Remember Us : Youth Part 2 Album

Not your typical Kpop group, Day6 brings pop rock and alternative rock into the Korean music scene. With each member playing an instrument and heavily relying on their musical talents rather than dancing…it’s easy to figure that Day6 is a special band.


They just released the second part of their third mini album: Remember Us: Youth Part 2. Yes, it’s confusing. In the Kpop world they release a lot of music (and it’s freaking awesome).


So here are my thoughts on each song:

1.) 아픈 길 (Hurt Road) – First song didn’t grab me immediately. Mostly because I’ve been listening to fast paced music. The slow song is sweet but after reading the lyrics, it’s even sweeter. It took a while for this song to grow on me. But still, I recommend you listen to it…you might love it.

2.) 행복했던 날들이었다 (Days Gone By) – Hello? Did it just become summer in the middle of winter? Listening to this song gave me major 80s summer vibe. Glad this song is a single. It’s really catchy and the music video fits the song’s vibe too. Also can I just say Day6’s lyrics are THE BEST? (search up the lyrics they’re really good)

3.) 두통 (Headache) – Yessss a rock song entering my ears. Day6 really thrives in rock. This is such a great jam. The lyrics to this song are just as good. It’s about knowing the person you love is growing distant from you and you’d rather have them give you a headache than feel nothing.


4.) 121U – One of my top favorite tracks on this album. It’s another pop rock jam. This song is about the internal struggle of wanting someone but you know they don’t love you back. But they’re messing with your feelings. So ultimately you’re trying to get away from them – cause if you don’t you’ll fall hard for them and most likely end up with a broken heart…yea…I think we all know the feeling.


5.) 완전 멋지잖아 (So Cool) – Can they make a music vid to this? Please. I’d love to see how they would do it. This song is another jam but instead of heartbreak it’s about self confidence aye!

6.) 마라톤 (Marathon) – This song is literally what I’ll sing to myself for any small work I do. Basically, this is my new anthem. The english translation: “Resting for a bit is also good Taking it easy is also good You don’t have to overwork yourself…” –


7.) Beautiful Feeling – This song is for the fans and it’s beautiful (no pun intended…but fine let’s add the pun). For those who are not a fan of Day6 the highlight of this song is when Dowoon, the drummer of the band, sang a verse..and it was awesome.


Overall: A great album if you’re a fan of previous Day6 albums, you’ll love this. If you’re new to Kpop this album isn’t the typical pop dance songs, like I said earlier it’s pop rock. I enjoyed this album and maybe you will too.

Music is very subjective and everyone resonates with different songs. So I recommend you give them a listen and check em out for yourself.

Also even if you hate Kpop I HIGHLY recommend you check out Jae’s (one of Day6 members) youtube channel…trust me you’ll be entertained.