GOT7 Present: You & Me Album

Leave it to GOT7 to mix ballads with rap and hip-hop. How do they do it? I don’t know. Honestly, with GOT7 you get a mix of everything.

Here’s a breakdown on what I thought of the songs from GOT7’s latest album:

1. Miracle – this is the title track and probably my top favorite song for this holiday season. It’s a sweet, beautiful song. The music video definitely made me fall in love with this track. It’s like a love song/lullaby/ballad.

2. Take Me To You – This song is tied with Miracle as my top favorite song from this album. I think I had to hear it twice until I really enjoyed it. I searched up the lyrics (translated in English) and my goodness…such a beautiful song. Seriously, who writes these?

3. 안 보여 (Come On) – I heard this song at least four times and it still hasn’t grown on me. Not one of my favorites but I’m sure there are plenty of people who probably adore this song. But the lyrics are beautiful. If any guy needs help writing their wedding vows…this song could help.

4. 1:31AM (잘 지내야 해) – I’ll admit, I wasn’t into this song the first couple of times. But I know this is an old song the band has performed before. It’s a fan favorite. So I checked out the live performance (with translated lyrics) and HOLY COW, I love it. Personally, I prefer the live version of this song.

5. Higher – Groovy, upbeat song. Yes, I was bobbing my head to this all day. Love me some catchy toons. One of my top favs from this album.

6. I Love It – Yes, a song that is mostly in English! Even though honestly, nowadays, I don’t mind if a song is in English or not. Basically this song says, I’m gonna do what I want and I love it. This is the song I’ll sing when people say I need to control my coffee addiction.

7. WOLO – I would like to point out…if you haven’t seen this song live, you MUST. It’s a catchy song…even though I don’t like the phrase “We Only Live Once” cause it reminds me of the cringey trend back in high school of “YOLO”….yea let’s not bring that back. But overall this song is a jam!

8. King – LOVE this song! It kinda reminds me of NCT (I hate to compare bands but it really does remind me of something they would do). Even though focusing just on the lyrics, it’s a bit of an egoistic song. But what the heck, it’s catchy.

9. Think About It – One of those slower songs. I liked it but I didn’t love it. Probably with time it’ll grow on me. I don’t know. It’s probably because at the moment I’m really into songs that get me moving, unless it’s an absolute beautiful song (like the first two on this album).

10. 이젠 | 유겸(From Now) – I would like to say one thing…can they please release a music video to this of Yugyeom dancing? I saw bits of the live performance and it’s amazing when you see it with the choreography. But the song itself, I’ll admit, I’m not 100% into it. Probably for the same reasons as before. BUT just because I’m not totally into it, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check this song out. I recommend you give it a listen, music is very subjective and you might love this song.

11. Hunger – Ah, what’s a GOT7 album without one of Jackson’s hiphop rap jams? Yup, leave it to Jackson to have a song that makes you wanna go to the gym and work on that summer body. Am I the only one who thinks like this? No? Yes? Oh well.

12. Phoenix – I really enjoyed this song. Again, just like Hunger, this is what I call a gym song…or the type of song you’ll play in the background if your outfit is on point and you and your crew wanna conquer the world. But that’s up for interpretation.

I really enjoy the creative freedom (it seems) that GOT7 has on their music, especially recently. Each member contributes something unique to the songs and the album as a whole.

I wish they can release a mini concept music video for each song (except Miracle, the mv is already released). Listening to a song is one thing but watching the singer perform it is a different thing.

Overall I enjoyed this album and can’t wait to see what else GOT7 has in store for their fans.