If I’m not mistaken, I believe Oneus is the first boy group to debut in 2019. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Oneus. But after listening to their album it’s very clear this band means business.

Light Us

The first song in this album starts with a rap line from Leedo followed by smooth vocals from Seoho. This song is a message to the world on who Oneus is and their promise to their fans. I think this is a great start to their first album.


Overly repeated lyrics (which in this case, isn’t a bad thing), mixed with a fun pop sound, is a perfect recipe for getting this song stuck in my head.

I would like to point out when Oneus performed this the audio went crazy and it completely shut off…but the band didn’t flinch. They continued dancing and singing as if nothing happened. They danced in sync even without music. Keonhee and Seoho really delivered and proved their vocals are just as strong. This incident proves these guys are the real deal.


Now this is a great debut song. I’m glad this was the band’s official single. I loved everything about this. From the vocals, the catchy beat, the rap, not to mention the memorable choreography. After watching the music video ONCE I couldn’t get the choreography out of my head (along with the song). Very memorable and I would like to see more songs like this from them. Also the concept…the concept is wonderful.

Also here’s my reaction to the mv

Red Thread

The band’s ballad song. The vocals here are amazing. The lyrics and the softness of this song pulled on my heartstrings and I can’t help but sway while listening to it. Honestly, it’s a beautiful song.

Eye Contact

This dance/pop song is such a jam. This is the type of song I would play at a party and just have everyone jump in the chorus. It’s another catchy song that mixes dance/pop and during the rap lines it blends perfectly with a great hip-hop sound.


Oh gosh. This song is tied as number one with Valkyrie for me. When I first heard the chorus my jaw dropped. At that moment I knew this song was immediately on my list of favorite songs for January. No matter how many times I hear it, I can’t help but jam out to it.

Crazy & Crazy (Prod. CyA)

When I first heard Crazy & Crazy I thought, “Wait, am I still listening to Oneus?”

My little rap/hip-hop loving heart was pleasantly surprised with this song. Crazy & Crazy really breaks away from the pop/dance vibe shown in the previous songs. Oneus (along with CyA) proves in this song that they can dominate this genre. I love when bands show how they can range in different styles of music. My second favorite song on this album (because Hero and Valkyrie are tied for first place).

*Also if you’re a fan of Onewe (the brother-band of Oneus) you’ll hear some tea being spilled in the lyrics…which makes me love this song even more.

Something that I’ve noticed throughout some of the songs were some lyrics about light and darkness. I like how they subtly wove that in the songs. Overall, this was a fantastic debut for Oneus.

On that note, I would like to point out how great it is that Oneus was part of composing the songs (especially Ravn and Leedo).

I can’t stress this enough but – GIVE ARTISTS MORE CREATIVE FREEDOM IN THEIR MUSIC – the more control they have over the music they perform the better it’ll be.

I wish Oneus all the luck and hope to see more awesome things from them.