Could Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour Win Over Her Skeptics?

On New Year’s Eve, Netflix released a concert movie of Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour. While her adoring fans eagerly watched, skeptics were hesitant to even catch a glimpse of this film.

Why should anyone, who isn’t a fan of Taylor Swift (or her music) sit and watch her perform? What makes this performance so special that Netflix had to make it an original feature?

No doubt Taylor has a powerful stage presence. No matter what she sings, she is able to read the crowd and knows what seems to work best for them.

From the opening song to the final cheer, each set was filled with unexpected props, dance breaks and costumes. The unexpected keeps viewers curious as to what she would do next.

Not only did Taylor wear unique outfits but her backup dancers and singers also sported some interesting looks. The dark, slytherin-like theme was prominent throughout the show. Leather and sequins were the theme of the night and in a way it was a reflection of the music too.

Her music setlist was filled with her new songs but she also kept many fan favorites. It was evident the crowd felt a sense of nostalgia as Taylor brought out her guitar and began to strum some familiar chords.

Her classic songs such as; Love Story and You Belong With Me got everyone singing louder than before.

The mashup of Bad Blood and Should’ve Said No, surprised many fans. But Taylor managed to blend both songs effortlessly, bringing together something old and something new.

Just when it seemed like Taylor pulled out all her tricks, once again she surprised everyone. The theme of snakes continued throughout the night when she climbed inside a metal, skeleton snake. Taylor continued singing as the contraption wizzed her above her adoring fans.

Overall the entire concert was one jaw-dropping performance after another. Now it is evident why Netflix agreed to have an original film of only Taylor’s show. There was no behind-the-scenes footage, no voice over narration. From the second you hit play, you are immediately immersed in her concert and nothing else seems to matter.

Whether you’re a fan of Taylor Swift for years or you never cared about her before, her Reputation Stadium show will leave everyone clapping for an encore.


*If it’s not obvious, these pictures on Taylor’s tour aren’t mine.