TBT – Is Solo: A Star Wars Story a Waste of Time?

I’ll admit, it’s not until recently I watched Solo. Why did it take me THIS long to watch it? I don’t know. As a Star Wars fan I’m ashamed at how long it took me to finally sit and watch Solo.

I think we can safely say this is one of the least talked about movies from the Star Wars franchise. So after the Star Wars Celebration that took place over the weekend, I figured I should shed some light on this film.

So here are a few of my thoughts.

1. Han Solo was perfectly casted…to my surprise.

When I heard the news Alden Ehrenreich was casted for Han, I was not too thrilled. Mostly because I couldn’t picture him as the Han Solo. But that is why I am not a casting director. In the movie Alden was able to capture the essence of Han…perfectly. It didn’t feel like I was watching someone act like Harrison Ford acting like Han. No. I saw young Han Solo.

2. The story wasn’t a big waste of my time.

Like everyone else I suppose, I questioned, why should I bother with Han Solo’s backstory when it has nothing to do with the series?

But I was wrong. The story was indeed entertaining and it gave the audience a deeper view into the world of Star Wars. Meeting Lando and Chewbacca was a treat to watch. It definitely explains why Han has the type of relationship he does with these two characters. Even the characters we meet in the film were fun to watch and they kept me interested in their stories.

3. Predictable love interest?

I originally thought Han’s relationship with Qi’ra would be a waste since we already know he ends up with Leia. For the most part, yes Han’s relationship with Qi’ra was predictable but the ending was smart and quite surprising.

4. The plot twists…

I’ll admit, I sorta saw Beckett’s betrayal coming. However, Darth Maul in the end was definitely a surprise. But I was even more surprised to find out Sam Witwer , who is the voice actor for Darth Maul in the Clone Wars series, voiced over the Darth Maul actor in this movie.

Overall I was very pleased with Solo. I think it has all the elements a Star Wars movie has: adventure, romance, risk, comedy, fun characters, etc.

Even though some parts of it was predictable, the characters kept me hooked on the story. Their interactions felt real and I enjoyed watching the world around them. Not to mention actually seeing the Kessel Run and the Millennium Falcon at its prime.

Now looking back I could see how Disney/Star Wars failed to market this movie. There was not a lot of buzz on the film and I think they could’ve done their marketing strategy a little bit better.

So if you haven’t seen Solo, I recommend you do, it’s a treat to watch.





*None of the images of Solo: A Star Wars Story shown on this post are mine.