Stray Kids Mean Business in Their Latest Album Clé 1: MIROH

Excuse me…but have you ever felt chills listening to an album?? Yea that’s what I experienced while listening to Stray Kids latest comeback.

What. The. Actual. Heck.

If you’re looking for an album to blast while entering a boxing ring or need to really go all in at the gym? This album is perfect for you.

Daaang. This is probably my fav comeback of March (and there have been plenty of awesome comebacks).

First I would like to say that I love how Stray Kids are real when it comes to their lyrics. They talk about their fears and doubts and their ambitions. This is a group that isn’t forced to act older or younger than their actual age. They don’t really talk about love but instead they talk about (like I said before) their hopes and fears. I think everyone can relate to their message one way or another.


The song starts the album with a bang. The bongo like sound immediately drew me into the song along with (what I believe) is French. I know this song incorporates various cultures and honestly my jaw dropped and it got me super excited for the rest of this album. I’ll research the actual instrument, language and culture Stray Kids incorporated to this song. I’ll update this once I find it.


This is a great title track. It’s catchy and super jam worthy. I know this song will be stuck in people’s heads all week. I’m sure it’ll be stuck in mine. I think this song is such a strong comeback for the group. They don’t hold anything back.

Of course here’s my reaction.

Victory Song

This dance/hip-hop/trap song is absolutely epic. Usually groups struggle to maintain the hype from their title track. But not Stray Kids. Victory Song continues the hype and the energy we got from the first two songs. It’s purely epic and dance worthy. I can definitely imagine people blasting this song at parties.

Maze of Memories

This song has a slower beat but it’s heavy hip-hop sound and the raps keep us glued to the song. If anyone is looking for a song to use for a rap battle…I think this would be a good contender. The different beats between the verse and the chorus takes the listener on a bit of a journey. Overall this is yet another solid track. It shows Stray Kids aren’t shy to try a harder sound. Any hip-hop/rap lover will definitely vibe with this song.


Now we go back to the dance beat. This track has a bit of reggae and trap. It feels like a continuation of Victory Song. Stray Kids came to prove to the world they’re in it to win it…and they definitely are.


Even though this song doesn’t have the same impact as the previous songs in the album, it’s still a great track. The vocals are strong here and it still has a hard beat that you can’t help but jam to.


Alrighty things get a bit slower in this last song. This track has a groovy R&B sound. The guitar and keyboard are smooth and create an ambiant sound that works perfectly with the vocals. The message in this song is so good. The group essentially explains what it’s like to be 19. They express how they will no longer be teenagers and how quickly time is passing by. I believe every single person has experienced the emotions they talk about in this song. Getting older can be scary and daunting and many times we want to stop time and enjoy our days of being young.

Stray Kids definitely have a winner with this album. I can’t praise it enough. Thanks to JYP for bringing Stray Kids into the music scene and allowing them to have their own sound and showing their personalities through music.

I feel like Stray Kids…stray away…from the typical Kpop boy group. Like I said earlier they don’t sing about love and they don’t try to act like they’re geniuses in romance. Instead they sing about stuff everyone goes through- doubts, fears, failure, hopes, dreams, etc. I really love the message this group sends out.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Stray Kids. Congrats to the group and everyone involved in making this album. It’s a winner.