Pentagon Solidifies a Drastic Concept Change With “Dr. BeBe” – which caught my attention

With many boy groups trading in their bright concepts for something darker, Pentagon has taken it one step further, adding insanity into the mixture of dark and sexy.

Dr. BeBe focuses on the emotions people experience after a painful breakup – “Love, fall, hurt, and crazy.”

The mv begins in utter silence with shots of the members screaming – looking anguished. Then the song starts with chilling vocals and the members (along with a small army of backup dancers) stomping forward, blindfolded.

Throughout the video the members showcase various extremes of emotions. From sadness, insanity, pain, and anger, Pentagon’s performance consumes the viewer into the video.

This immediately became one of my favorite music videos released in 2020 so far. Pentagon pushed themselves to try something drastically different, and it worked. It definitely caught my attention and I’m sure it caught other’s attention too.

“Dr. BeBe” is the title track from their first full-length studio album Universe: The Black Hall. Just like the music video, the album was a bold move for the group. Pentagon has very recognizable bright fun songs (Shine, Humph!, Naughty boy, Sha La La, etc.) but here they did a complete change in concept and sound.

Hui, the leader of Pentagon is no stranger to music composition. He is credited in composing songs (not only for his group) but other groups and artists. For Pentagon’s first full-length album Hui was joined by Jinho, Wooseok, Kino, and Yuto – along with strong producers and writers who also worked on this album too.

I firmly believe if a company gives their artists freedom to be involved in their music, concepts, choreographies, etc…the better it is for everyone. Groups not only grow musically in the process but they are able to better communicate and express themselves to their fans.

I’m ashamed it’s taken me this long to discover them. But they have my full support now.

Some of my favorite songs in this album (besides Dr. BeBe) include Shower of Rain, Talk, The Black Hall, and Someday (by Jinho and Hui).

In the midst of one of the busiest months in Kpop, Pentagon managed to deliver a solid concept change. This is definitely on my list of favorite comebacks from 2020 so far.

Check out Pentagon’s first full-length album Universe: The Black Hall

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