My Top Kpop Songs For February 2020

What a powerful month for Kpop. New music was released almost everyday and I’ve tried my hardest to keep up with it all.

I made my list based on how many times I’ve replayed the songs and which concepts I absolutely loved.

There are plenty of groups not mentioned here but please know: It doesn’t mean that I didn’t like their comeback. There’s so many groups that I LOVED their music and mvs. But like I said I’m only listing my top 5 most played songs.


IZ*ONE Ayayaya is such a fun song. It’s bright and addicting. Although their title track for their album, Fiesta, was good. I think Ayayaya would’ve been a great title track (but that’s just my opinion). If you’re feeling down, this song will put a smile on your face.

4. DKB – Elevator

DKB just debuted on February 3, with a powerful music video for their song Sorry Mama. It’s a great hip-hop track and I think it represents their EP really well. They have another song called Samsung, also worth listening to. Even though it’s hard to pick one song from DKB, I chose their song Elevator for my list. It’s hip-hop with some slight Latin vibes. I really enjoy this song. I also thought their debut was really strong. They have a great concept and the mv was spectacular.

I highly recommend you watch their epic mv for Sorry Mama – HERE.

Here’s my reaction to DKB Sorry Mama mv – HERE.

3. The Boyz – Reveal

The Boyz shed their cutesy, bright, boyish charms for something drastically different. Their mv for Reveal shows a darker side to them. I think The Boyz did a fantastic job with this concept change. Two songs that were also on repeat was Salty and Scar. But honestly their entire album is so good.

Here’s my reaction to The Boyz Reveal mv – HERE.

2. Pentagon – Dr. BeBe

For most of February this was my most replayed song. Album was on repeat, music video was on repeat, and I couldn’t stop talking about it. My favorite concept for February was Dr. BeBe. I wrote a whole blog post (and filmed two videos) talking about it. Just watch their mv I’m sure you’ll be convinced that this is one of the strongest comebacks for February.

Here’s my reaction to Pentagon Dr. BeBe mv – HERE.

1. BTS – On

Of course BTS comeback with an epic song and video(s). On feels like an anthem, I instantly loved the message behind the song and the choreography. One of the reasons why On is my most replayed Kpop song for February is because of the choreography. I learned the choreography and of course in order to memorize it…you have to replay the song. Overall this was a solid comeback from BTS. It’s hard releasing music when the whole world has such high expectations for it. But BTS delivered spectacularly (and yes their album is great too).

Here’s my reaction to BTS On Kinetic Manifesto Film – HERE.

Here’s my reaction to BTS ON Official mv – HERE.

Like I said earlier, there were many great comebacks for the month of February. You can checkout the rest of my favorite comebacks on my monthly Kpop playlist HERE.

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Thanks for reading!