My Top Kpop Songs of March 2020

For many March has been a tough month that has forced us to adjust to a different lifestyle and face countless uncertainties.

But despite all this, a phrase keeps coming to my mind, especially in regards to Kpop, “The show must go on.” I’m so glad groups continue releasing music.

I’ll admit I haven’t been listening to ballads and slow songs in general, mostly because I’ve been trying to keep my mood up and be positive. So my playlists have consisted of upbeat, or what I like to call powerhouse songs (warning, I use this word often in this post). Yes I know, there were some spectacular ballads that were released in March and I’ll probably listen to them later on in the year.

So with all that being said, here’s my top 5 Kpop comebacks for the month of March.

5. AleXa – Do Or Die

Check out my reaction video to “Do Or Die here.

AleXa has entered the Kpop scene like a force. Her concept is truly unique, especially for a soloist. Her powerhouse songs paired with intense choreographies leave viewers and listeners speechless. In her music video for Do Or Die is out of this world (or should I say it’s in the future). She is signed under the production company Zanybros which specialize in creative content. Each music video and song AleXa releases are absolutely epic. The planning and execution of her songs, videos, choreographies, and overall concept is well done. I believe AleXa has a massive potential to to gain listeners not only in Korea but worldwide.

4. TOO – Magnolia

Check out my reaction video to “Magnolia” here.

This group released their music video and debut song Magnolia on March 30th. Originally I wasn’t going to have this song on my March list. But I couldn’t ignore it. TOO is a group that was formed on the survival show “World Klass”. There was massive buzz around them before debuting. The anticipation for them definitely paid off. I was impressed watching how strong this newly debuted group is. Magnolia is described as trap and europop combined, in other words a powerhouse song.


Check out my reaction video to “Hold” here.

What’s a song that puts a big smile on my face? Hold. Watching the music video for the first time I was speechless. As a viewer I was trying to take in what I was seeing. It’s a retro, sitcom type of video featuring their labelmate Suhyun from AKMU. Whenever I need a boost of happiness in my day I play Hold. The song was written by Mino and I’m sure the music video was the result of combined ideas from the members. Overall this is a song I’m sure I’ll be replaying throughout the year.

2. ONG SEONGWU – Gravity

Check out my reaction video to “Gravity” here.

The song Gravity took me by surprise. After listening to the first few seconds I fell in love with it. The guitar, his voice, the overall song is a masterpiece. The music video perfectly conveyed the emotions and the message in the song too. I wrote a separate blog post about his album, you can read it HERE. His album is another masterpiece. It’s hard to believe this is Seongwu’s official debut as a soloist. He took part in writing each track and I’m amazed at his talent. Seongwu is another artist who has massive potential to expand his audience worldwide with his incredible vocals and songs.

1. NCT 127 – Kick It

Check out my reaction video to “Kick It” here.

NCT 127 came back with a jaw-dropping, can’t-believe-my-eyes, music video and song. The music video mixes elements of martial arts with hip hop and honestly it’s a match made in heaven.

Their album Neo Zone, is filled with songs that ranges from hip hop to ballads to pop. Some of my favorite tracks include MAD DOG and Sit Down (two powerhouse hip hop songs), Not Alone, White Night, and Love Me Now, which is a fun dance song. Hopefully I’ll get around to writing a full post on this album.

With each comeback NCT 127 continues exceeding people’s expectations with their unique concepts and jaw-dropping songs.

Just like always, there are plenty of groups and artists I haven’t mentioned. Every month it’s hard to pick just five songs. You can checkout the rest of my favorite comebacks on my monthly Kpop playlist HERE.

Also keep an eye out for blog posts and my Twitter, sometimes I’ll write about groups and artists that aren’t always mentioned on my monthly lists, but they are still worth checking out.

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