GOT7 Are Modern Day Romeos in Their New Album “DYE”

If you had the wonderful pleasure of watching GOT7’s music video for their title track “NOT BY THE MOON”, you know it’s evident all seven members look like characters from a novel.

I found the overall concept of this album fascinating. Seeing how the members were styled, the elaborate sets in their music video, and the pictures in their album, it’s definitely a concept the group hasn’t done before.

But now let’s talk about the album “DYE”. – In their VLIVE Jinyoung said “‘DYE’ means to color me….It portrays our hopes that our music will seep through and color many people”

But something I noticed, this album seems to reflect the story of Romeo and and Juliet.


The first song from their novel-like album starts with JB’s smooth voice. In this track the guys beckon their lover to follow them. Youngjae was part of composing this track. The song showcases the vocalists and the rappers beautifully. In particular BamBam, JB, and Youngjae stood out for me. BamBam’s rap with his deep voice was a nice contrast to JB and Youngjae’s vocals. Overall the vocalists and rappers gave this track a nice balance.


The next song, CRAZY, the guys want their lover to stay by their side, even if it makes them crazy. I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence or if it was done on purpose, but Yugyeom sings “Call my name” and I wonder if that’s a little nod to their previous comeback “You Calling My Name”. Either way I’m glad they put it. This upbeat dance track is a nice follow up to AURA. JB was part of composing this song.


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The title track was unanimously chosen and rightfully so. The message in this song is definitely inspired by Romeo and Juliet. The main message of the song is “Don’t swear by the moon.”, which is a famous phrase from Juliet. The moon is always changing every night, therefore don’t swear by something that is constantly changing. It’s a simple message but I absolutely love it. This track was written by J.Y. Park, yes the JYP. Also, we get to listen to Jackson’s vocals.

The music video is exquisite, I’m sure there’s plenty of metaphors and theories behind the actual story of the video. But I’ll let you watch it and decide for yourselves.


The first time I heard this song was during GOT7’s VLIVE, while the guys were performing it. At first I thought this was going to be a sexy slow song, but the chorus surprised me (in a good way). I was instantly hooked. I kept replaying this song all day. It’s absolutely catchy and fun. The guys sing about wanting their lover to open their hearts and let them in. Definitely one of my favorite tracks. Jinyoung was part of composing this song.


Oh boy, this song will definitely make you jam along to it. It has a bit of tropical house mixed with some latin vibes. In this song the guys want their lover to simply trust their love.


The grand finale. In this song the guys say, even if their lover is poison, even if they face an end they still want to hold on. Just like the ending of Romeo and Juliet.

I first heard this song on their VLIVE as well. Their performance was spectacular. The dance seemed to be choreographed specifically with the camera movements in mind. Considering GOT7 won’t be performing this song with a live audience any time soon, I think it was a smart decision to make the most use of the camera. Because the performance was catered to the camera it made the viewing experience much more fun.

I would like to mention they performed this song wearing suits. I’ll admit no matter how elaborate an outfit is…there’s nothing as classy as a suit on a guy. GOT7 wearing suits are a perfect match.

GOT7 has released some of my favorite albums and I’m glad “DYE” made it on that list for me. It’s definitely replay worthy. The concept was well planned and it was delivered wonderfully.

Good job to GOT7 and everyone involved in this album. Jackson, Mark and BamBam their rapping was spot on, they delivered each verse with flavor. Yugyeom, Jinyoung, Youngjae, and JB have blessed us with their smooth vocals. This was a great comeback and I encourage you all to listen to their album.


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