I understand for many (just like in March), April has been an odd month. But I believe we can start to see light at the end of the tunnel.

Once again, this month had plenty of great songs. I actually had a really hard time picking my top five songs so I’ll list some honorable mentions first.


Hangyul and Dohyon (who were part of X1 but are now a duo) released an EP. A song I highly recommend is called “Make me a different person’”. The song is groovy, it has a bit of tropical vibes to it. Definitely a fun song to add to a summer playlist. Watch their music video for their title track “Soul” HERE.


Check out my reaction video to Cravity “Break All The Rules” MV

Four members in Cravity were in Produce x 101 and two members were in X1 (Hyeongjun and Minhee debuted in X1. Wonjin and Jungmo participated in Produce X 101). Cravity had a solid debut this month with their song “Break All The Rules”. A song I definitely recommend is called “Top of the Chain”. Trust me, it’s a good song. Watch their debut music video HERE.


Check out my reaction video to TOO “Magnolia” MV

This group was formed in MNET’s reality show called World Klass. This was another group that had a very solid debut in April with their song “Magnolia” (check it out, it’s great). They are currently participating in another survival program with other idol groups called Road to Kingdom.

Okay, now here are my top five Kpop comebacks of April!

5. MCND – Spring

Check out my reaction video to MCND “Spring” MV

MCND debuted in March and they already released a comeback track that perfectly fits the season. Their song “Spring” is bright, upbeat, and very catchy. The choreography is spot on and I can’t get enough of it.

4. OH MY GIRL – Nonstop

Check out my reaction video to OH MY GIRL “Nonstop” MV

Catchy, catchy, catchy. This is another song I have on replay. OH MY GIRL’s comeback is just what we needed. Fun vibes, colorful music video, and a great choreography. This is a song that should be added to your “Happy” playlist.

3. GOT7 – Not By The Moon

Check out my reaction video to GOT7 “Not By The Moon” MV

GOT7 came back as modern day Romeos and I’m all for it. Their title track is beautiful and the music video is breathtaking. Their album “DYE” is just as great. I wrote a full blog post just talking about the songs, you can read it HERE. GOT7’s promotion for their album included performances for their other songs “Aura” and “Poison”. I’ve said this before and I’ll keep saying this, GOT7 performing “Poison” in suits is a blessing to the eyes. My other favorite tracks include “Love You Better” (seriously, please listen to it) and “Trust My Love”.

2. NCT Dream – Ridin’

Check out my reaction video to NCT Dream “Ridin’” MV

NCT Dream’s title track (and to be honest their whole album) is epic, hard-hitting, and replay worthy. I filmed my reaction listening to their album for the first time HERE. The guys’ vocals and raps are exquisite in this comeback. I like to think their track “Quiet Down” is the brother song to NCT 127’s “Sit Down!”, it’s definitely the type of song that should be played in gyms. Their song “Puzzle Piece” will make your heart melt, it certainly melted mine. The vocals are so soothing and warm, absolutely beautiful.

1. Changmin (MAX) – Chocolate

Check out my reaction video to Changmin (MAX) “Chocolate” MV

I’ve always known about TVXQ since I got into Kpop (a little over a year ago), but I never got to fully know the members, Changmin and Yunho, until now. After Changmin’s solo debut in April, I got to learn more about them but more so Changmin. I am so amazed how humble and hardworking he is.

I have so much respect for Changmin. Needless to say, his debut album is spectacular. “Chocolate” is definitely my number one song of April. His vocals, the music video, everything about it is sexy and sophisticated. The songs in his album are also worth listening to. His song “No Tomorrow” is one of my favorites, it has a great message and I think everyone at some point in their life needs to hear it.

By the way Spotify (or SM) PLEASE put Changmin’s album back. It was on Spotify but now it’s no longer there, and I need that album in my life. Please and thank you.

You may be wondering why isn’t Winner on this list. Winner is one of my favorite groups. Their album “Remember” is so bittersweet. When I listen to the songs it puts a smile on my face but it also makes me a little sad. Their album is a temporary-farewell gift to the fans while the group goes on a hiatus (two members are in the military). So I’ll admit I haven’t been listening to it as often as the other songs on this list. But I still recommend people listen to it. I filmed a whole reaction to their album. You can watch it HERE.

There are plenty of songs I didn’t mention here but you can checkout the rest of my favorite comebacks on my monthly Kpop playlist HERE

Well that’s all for today. Thanks for reading!


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