The Plot Thickens With SF9’s “Summer Breeze” MV and A Closer Look At Their Album ‘9loryUS’

SF9 takes viewers on an action packed, plot twisting music video for their song “Summer Breeze”.

You can watch my reaction video to SF9’s “Summer Breeze” MV Here.

If you have seen any of my reaction videos you may have noticed that I seldom talk about story theories behind music videos. Mostly because theories are very subjective and rarely do groups fully explain the meaning behind them. They typically let viewers interpret the meaning behind a music video however they want.

But there is no denying SF9 connects their previous music videos with their latest video for their title track “Summer Breeze”. Although I won’t explain the meaning behind the video myself, I’ll link a YouTube video of one of the possible theories someone posted (you can watch that theory video here).

I’ve been a fan of SF9’s music and videos since I discovered them (sometime last year). Each video is unique and “Summer Breeze” definitely has a color of its own. All the members are suave and fresh (props to their stylist, the guys look incredible). In my reaction video I explained the whole concept reminds me of Kingsman mixed with James Bond. Every set, every detail in the video is exquisite. The camera shots were well done and each edit was precise. No second was wasted. Each scene served its purpose and helped move the story along. It’s definitely the type of mv you need to rewatch because there’s so many details you miss the first time.

One of my favorite scenes is when all the members are together in this mysterious hotel (specifically in a swanky bar) and a shootout ensues. But if you watch closely (plot twist) the shootout isn’t between members. One of the possible explanations for this is explained in the theory video I linked above. This is no doubt one of my top favorite videos from SF9 (along with RPM). Yes, this video is also making it on my ‘favorite music videos of 2020’ list as well.

As SF9 finishes their promotions for this comeback they recently released an epilogue video that has sparked the question “Will they continue this concept?”, “Is there a follow-up music video to this?” I firmly believe yes, on both questions. They set things up so well that it would be a shame if they left it with just one single video.

Now moving on to the album.

Although the lyrics in the title track doesn’t connect much with the storyline in the music video (at least to me it doesn’t), “Summer Breeze” is still a fun song. There’s elements throughout the song that reminds me of a Western cowboy film. The hooks are catchy and will stay in the listeners head all day. This song was written by SF9 members Zuho and Youngbin, along with FNC writer Han Seong Ho. To my pleasant surprise I found out Lee Seung Hyub from N.Flying also participated in writing this song. Taeyang was part of creating the choreography and it was modified multiple times due to members requests. It’s nice knowing all the members participated in creating the choreography. The members know their limits and they know their strengths and I’m glad they are able to create a performance that suits them best.

The second song on their mini album is “Into The Night”. It has a nice retro sound with some elements of disco. In the song the guys compare their lover to a star and they sing about spending the night together. It’s a very sweet song and their stage performance is equally sweet. One of my favorite things about their performance of “Into The Night” is their footwork, I think they were sharp and the choreography was clean. Chani, Zuho, Jaeyoon, Youngbin (along with FNC writer Seong Ho) wrote this song.

Third track is “OK Sign”, it’s an upbeat dance song. The guys ask their crush to give them the ok so they can be together. Hwiyoung and Zuho (along with Seong Ho) wrote this song. Although SF9 didn’t perform this song live, I wish they could in the future. It’s fun and bright and I think it would be great seeing the guys do a cool choreography to this.

The fourth song is one of my favorites “All Day All Night”, it’s definitely catchy and replay worthy. The guys express how they feel stronger when they’re with their girl and how they want to spend their time with her. I’m explaining the lyrics very vaguely, of course there’s more details to the song. Seong Ho along with SF9 members Hwiyoung, Zuho, and Youngbin wrote this song. It’s definitely a hit for me. I love it.

Although I enjoy “Summer Breeze” and “All Day All Night” my number one favorite track is “Go High”. As I’m writing this I can’t help but move my head and tap my foot to the beat of the song. I catch myself singing, “We go, we go, we, we, go high.” Seriously, it’s addicting. I can imagine SF9 performing this in a concert and everyone is jumping to the beat with their fists pumping in the air. It’s a definite party song. This track was written and produced by both Zuho and Aiming.

Need a tearjerker? Look no further than SF9’s 6th and last song on their mini album, “My story, My song”. To whoever the guys are addressing this song to they pray for their happiness and this is their love song to them. It’s a tender song with a beautiful piano melody and exquisite vocals from the guys. Also the high note from Inseong, chills, literal chills, it’s perfect. Chani, Hwiyoung, Zuho, Youngbin (yes and Seong Ho) wrote this song.

It seems that with each comeback SF9 draws listeners even more into their music and performances. This is one group that seems refine and polished. I have enjoyed watching their comebacks ever since last year and I’m glad they continue pushing themselves- delivering these awesome comebacks.

If you get the chance check out SF9’s 9gloryUS album, I’m sure you’ll fall in love with their music (if you haven’t already).

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