Yoon Dujun Provides Comfort For Lonely Insomniacs In His Debut Solo Album ‘Daybreak’

Yoon Dujun takes listeners on a journey from midnight to sunrise as he sings about loneliness, late nights, and love in his solo debut album ‘Daybreak’.

As the leader of the group Highlight, Dujun has primarily put all his focus on his group. But upon returning from the military he made his solo debut in late July of this year.

The first song on his album is “0:00AM”. In the beginning we hear him quietly humming a melody which is accompanied by a soft guitar. I love how he transitions from humming to singing several times throughout the song.

In this track Dujun self reflects and questions if he’s doing a good job, what is it all for, who is it for, and he admits he sometimes gets lost. This track sounds like a personal late night confession. The feeling of vulnerability and being honest with oneself while lying awake late at night, is captured perfectly in this short intro. Personally, it is one of my favorite tracks. If you have trouble sleeping, this is a great short song to listen to.

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The title track “Lonely Night”, Dujun sings about feeling lonely despite keeping himself busy all day. He questions if he’s the only one who feels this way and he’s also tired of pretending to be okay all the time. It’s a sad song when you read the lyrics. I think Dujun’s voice conveys the melancholic feeling of the song.

The third track “Fool of Love” (featuring Moon) we hear hope and happiness return to Dujun as he sings about being a fool in love. In the song Moon responds to Dujun’s confession of his love by saying she also wants to be with him. This song is refreshing with laidback instrumentals. Dujun and Moon’s voices compliment each other beautifully.

His fourth song “Save Me” starts with a nice guitar melody and it carries the chill vibe the album has. In “Save Me” Dujun sings that it’s lonely when his lover isn’t with him and she is the only one who can save him. When he’s walking in the dark that person is like a ray of light. This is another one of my favorite tracks. It’s mellow and his voice is so soft it can make anyone feel calm.

The last song in his album “Be My Light” feels like a continuation (lyrically) from “Save Me”. Here he provides comfort to his girl (or it could be to his fans who are also called Light). It is a beautiful love song. He promises he will be with her forever and he’ll protect her. I feel this song brings us full circle when he sings, “There is no more darkness, I promise I will be with you everyday.”

This album takes listeners on a journey from a lonely night to finding that special someone who is a light in your life. I really enjoyed listening to each song. In “0:00AM” and “Lonely Night” we could hear his sadness and vulnerability of feeling lonely. But then Dujun finds someone in the song “Fool in Love” and there is hope again. From “Save Me” to “Be My Light” things get brighter, loneliness is a thing of the past, and it feels like finally the sun is starting to rise after a long night.

Now I understand why Dujun’s album is called ‘Daybreak’. Each song feels like the hours leading up to a long awaited sunrise. I’m glad Dujun sings about relatable emotions while also bringing hope to listeners as each song progresses. If you’re a lonely insomniac you could find some comfort in this album.

I also believe this album could be a metaphor, a reflection, of Dujun’s own personal journey in his career. He (along with the members from Highlight) has gone through many ups and downs throughout the years, but they continue moving forward, finding the Light(s).

Overall I think this album is beautiful and honest. I hope Dujun indeed has reached his ‘daybreak’ and is no longer feeling lonely in the middle of the night.

Each song is smooth and has a peaceful calming effect that is perfect to play in the middle of the night all the way till the sun rises. If you get the chance, go ahead and listen to Dujun’s ‘Daybreak’ album.

Here’s the Spotify link to listen to his album: HERE

I’m sure you can also listen to his album on other streaming services by searching: Yoon Dujun ‘Daybreak’.


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