Kang Daniel Turns Up The Summer Heat in His New Album ‘Magenta’

I have no idea how Kang Daniel does it. CEO of his own company, reaching out and collaborating with incredible artists and producers, all while being a top performer in singing, rapping, and dancing.

Perhaps the answer to my question can be found in the first track, “Flash”. In this song Kang Daniel explains how his life hasn’t been easy, but he knows he has to be strong, he keeps moving forward at top speed and no one can hold him back. The bass along with Kang Daniel’s vocals makes this song so smooth. I liked the sounds of rain, thunder, and a ticking clock in the the song and how it ties in with the lyrics. This is the perfect track to play in the car or when you need some motivation. “Flash” has some of my favorite lyrics and it’s definitely one of my favorite songs from this album.

Check out my reaction video to Kang Daniel’s “Waves” MV.

If you have read my last blog post (My Top Kpop Songs of July 2020), then you already know how much I love the song “Waves” featuring Simon Dominic and Jamie. I play this song at least once a day. It’s sexy, it’s fun, and it’s addicting. I can go on and on about how smooth Simon sounds and how fierce Jamie sounds, or how Kang Daniel brings the perfect balance to both artists making this one of my favorite collaborations of the year. Every element in this track worked perfectly together. From the instrumentals in the beginning, to the bass, the drums, the vocals – this track is worthy of multiple replays.

In my humble opinion I think “Waves” is one of the best summer tracks released in 2020.

Check out my reaction video to Kang Daniel’s “Who U Are” MV.

“Waves” showcases a cool side to Kang Daniel versus in his title track, “Who U Are” we see a more fiery, sharp side to him. I really enjoyed seeing that contrast in both music videos. In “Waves” water was the main element and in “Who U Are” it was sand.

The song “Waves” is about being drawn to someone and wanting to get to know them. In “Who U Are” it continues the message of wanting to know who this girl is but in the end of the song he says he knows exactly who she is. “Who U Are” definitely turns up the heat with the reggaeton style of music, his vocals, and the awesome choreography.

Shout out to Kang Daniel’s choreographers for creating the dances. The choreography for both “Waves” and “Who U Are” hits the sweet spots of each song and really emphasizes all the beats and hits. I filmed my reaction video to just the choreography of “Who U Are” here, I couldn’t help myself I really really love the choreography.

The fourth track on the album “Runaway” features Yumdda. This is a light and refreshing song. Although I never thought about a collaboration between Yumdda and Kang Daniel before, I was pleased that this collaboration worked out. In his interview (the video I linked above) Kang Daniel said while working on this song he thought the second verse would fit Yumdda perfectly so he contacted him right away and he agreed to be part of the song.

One of my other favorite collaborations is in the fifth track “Movie” with Dvwn. Dvwn has a soulful voice and together with Kang Daniel’s they have a good flow throughout the song. I’m really proud of both artists on this track. They kept a nice groove and sultry vibe making this song mesmerizing. Kang Daniel recently released his MV for “Movie”, here’s my reaction to it – HERE.

“Night” is the last song on the album and rightfully so. This song is much softer than any of the other songs on the album. The harmonies take the spotlight on this track. Kang Daniel’s voice is angelic. His high notes and low notes blend perfectly creating this peaceful song that is perfect to end the day. “Night” is about thinking of someone, wondering how they’ve been, and wanting to be with them.

In the interview (linked above), Kang Daniel mentioned that he wanted his album to feel like a summer day. It gets hotter as the day goes by and then as the sun sets things get cooler. The first four tracks definitely heats things up with the sexy lyrics and addicting beats but then in “Movie” and “Night” the lyrics get sweeter and the songs are more tender.

I’m glad Kang Daniel continues his color series – showing different styles of music and dance he is capable of doing. Like he said in his interview, his first album ‘Cyan’ was full of “fresh and sparkling” songs. In ‘Magenta’ the songs are full of passion and heat to reflect the season.

Each comeback from Kang Daniel has been remarkable. He is definitely a solid performer, he knows which collaborations work best, and which style of music will entice listeners of all ages.

I look forward to watching Kang Daniel continue to grow as an artist and an entrepreneur wishing him all the best for his future projects.


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