Han Seung Woo Shows His Charms in His Alluring Album ‘Fame’

Sweet, sexy, charming, and caring are the words I use to describe Han Seung Woo. Earlier this month he made his official solo debut with his album ‘Fame’. Seung Woo is a member of the group Victon which recently made their comeback with the song “Mayday“.

It is always exciting when a member of a group decides to release some solo work. We get to see the member in a new light and I believe it helps them expand musically and artistically.

Seung Woo wrote all the songs on his album and even participated in some of the composition too. You can watch all the behind the scenes and the process of how he made this album in his YouTube series “Normal:Han” (here’s the link to the playlist, the videos are there – if you want to check it out). I believe he wants to show an honest image of himself – expressing his own thoughts and stories through his music.

The first track on the album is called “Fever”. We definitely hear Seung Woo’s soft vocals but we can also hear the mixed emotions in his voice – from feeling confused to feeling pain. The song starts with a quiet electric guitar with Seung Woo saying, “Burning like a fever.” subtly in the background. I like how this song ends the same way it started. “Fever” is about feeling trapped and wanting to escape. I believe this could be a reference to either a relationship or a situation. Seung Woo feels like something is burning inside of him like a fever. I think that could represent the anger that’s building up inside of him or the frustration he feels. This song is a great start to his album and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it.

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His title track “Sacrifice” is sexy and intense. Seung Woo’s vocals and rap are solid. It’s a hip hop track and we see a different side to Seung Woo. He sings about sacrificing for the girl he loves. The music video is a masterpiece. It incorporates many things such as contemporary dance, hip hop, dancing in a parking lot, dancing on water (shirtless….if I should add ;). We can clearly see his confidence and passion. I think this song and mv was a perfect mix of the various emotions one feels when they are deeply in love with someone. If you’ve seen my reaction video….it should be no surprise that I loved every second of the song and music video. I think this mv definitely captures the various charms Seung Woo has.

If Seung Woo texts you asking to hang out….you wouldn’t hesitate, the obvious answer would be yes. That’s what his song “Reply” is all about. He just wants to hang out so he asks people to reply to his messages quickly. It’s a cheery song and it shows Seung Woo’s friendly side. Musically we hear his clear rap style and it flows perfectly throughout the song. “Reply” reminds me of a bright sunny day and it always makes me smile.

In his fourth track “I Just Want Love” we get to hear sexy Seung Woo again in an R&B style song. The title explains the message of the song, Seung Woo just wants to be with his girl. It’s a seductive track with Seung Woo’s sultry vocals and rap. The synth and overall instrumentation in this track is superb. If “Reply” is day then “I Just Want Love” is night. Both tracks are total contrast but once again we can hear the range in Seung Woo’s voice and music style. I think this track is by far the most sexiest in his album.

In the next track “forest” Seung Woo has explained (in multiple interviews) that he wants to be a forest to his fans. He wants to be reliable and someone they can lean on when they’re feeling down or when they need comfort. Someone online commented saying this track is like a pain killer, and I agree. Not only is Seung Woo’s vocals comforting but the message in the song is also reassuring. Seung Woo assures listeners that they can rest, they can listen to this song and let go of the grief they feel, or the things that worry them. It’s a personal song and to anyone who doesn’t have someone they can rely on, they can play this song and feel at ease even if it’s just for a few minutes.

The song “Child” is another calming song, with a steady electric guitar and Seung Woo’s soft vocals. However, in “forest” Seung Woo provides comfort to listeners but in “Child” he needs someone to comfort him. He is very honest and admits that he feels lonely at night and cries himself to sleep and the next day he pretends like nothing happened. But he feels like he’s acting like a child. I think Seung Woo really shows the complexity of humans. Sometimes we can provide strength and comfort to our friends and family (like in the song “forest”) but at times we can also feel weak and in need of someone to comfort us as well.

Seung Woo’s album displays various emotions and sounds – from passion, love, friendliness, hope, comfort, and vulnerability. I believe Seung Woo was able to express himself and show different sides to him in this album. Not only through his lyrics but also through his vocals. In some songs his voice is soft and sweet and in other songs his voice is strong and intense. Seung Woo blends his vocals and rap perfectly and laces deep emotions in each lyric.

This was a great solo debut for Seung Woo. I enjoyed this album so much. I think he gave fans exactly what they wanted and more. From showing his sexy side, to his sweet side, his comforting side, and everything else, I’m sure fans of Seung Woo (and even casual listeners) will appreciate the range in this album and in Seung Woo’s artistry.


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