ITZY Empowers Listeners In Their Fresh Summer Ep ‘Not Shy’

ITZY has definitely solidified themselves as a top rookie group. With consistent comebacks, dazzling concepts, addicting songs, and incredible performances.

Their latest ep ‘Not Shy’ is all about confidence. Each track on their ep is fresh and full of positive summer vibes. It’s perfect for anyone who needs a boost of encouragement in their day.

Check out my reaction video to ITZY’s MV “Not Shy” here.

The first track in their ep is the title track which also shares the name of the ep, “Not Shy”. This song has a clear message; ITZY members are not shy, they speak their minds, they say and do what they want. It’s an ITZY staple to have an addictive chorus and I’m glad they did that with “Not Shy”. After one listen the song will be stuck in your head all day.

The music video seems like a reinvented western film complete with ‘wanted’ signs with their faces on it. The girls are all glammed up with unique outfits and accessories. Their outfits are something no one would typically wear. There’s plenty of odd pieces but I think their style is a metaphor for being bold and…not shy. They shine in their own way and they’re not afraid to speak their minds. I personally think their outfits worked perfectly for this music video. ITZY can definitely rock that style.

The choreography for “Not Shy” is incredible. The transitions are smooth, their movements are sharp, and they are all in sync. If anyone doubts ITZY’s talents, please watch the video below. You can hear their singing clearly and the synchronization with just the sound of their stomping.

The second track on their ep continues with their not shy theme. In “I Don’t Give A What” ITZY encourages listeners to be themselves and to be confident. The instrumentation is filled with electric guitar, bass, synth and they blend together to create an uplifting dance track. One of my favorite parts of the song is when the beat drops in the chorus – it gives the song a nice punch.

In their song “Louder” ITZY encourages people to speak up. They want them to be themselves and it doesn’t matter how people will view them. I think this would be a perfect track to have a choreography to. I think it’s a strong song and I can imagine sharp movements to go with it.

In the next track “iD”, they fearlessly tell the boy they like that they are interested in him and want to know more about him. This track has elements that remind me of their debut track “Dalla Dalla”, especially in the bridge. Their voices chanting in the background, the fun beat, it’s a classic ITZY sound.

The fifth track “Surf” starts off with their beautiful vocals hitting the high notes effortlessly. This song is bright and has a mellow summer vibe. “Surf” is about the fluctuating emotions one has when they like someone. It’s a sweet song and perfect to play when you’re driving around on a nice summer day.

The last song on the album is called “Be In Love”, this is my favorite track. Actually this song made it on my top favorite songs released in the summer. ITZY has strong vocalists and in this song you can hear how solid and clear they are. The acoustic guitar and beat differentiate this track from any of the previous songs from this mini album.

“Be In Love” is about being in love and waiting a little longer to be together. It’s a beautiful love song and I can’t stop listening to it.

Overall ‘Not Shy’ ep had a consistent theme in each track. The girls solidify their confidence in staying true to who they are and being fearless when it comes to love. It’s a fresh mini album with positive vibes through and through. Any one can take a break from the stressful world and listen to any of the tracks from ‘Not Shy’ and feel encouraged to conquer the day.

Despite how confident ITZY sound in this album they released a video called “Letters to MIDZY” (MIDZY is their fandom name). In the video each member is honest about their own personal struggles and how they aren’t always confident. They express the frustrations of meeting expectations, feeling doubtful, feeling fear, and overcoming their internal battles. I’m glad they released this video. As a listener and fan of ITZY it’s comforting hearing that they also have similar struggles like the rest of us. I also believe “Letters to MIDZY” gives listeners hope and some encouragement.

ITZY and their team delivered a wonderful mini album. I think this album is absolutely necessary especially to anyone who struggles finding confidence and dealing with self doubt. We can see the growth in ITZY musically. Although in some songs they maintain their ITZY sound, we also hear them try a different style of music such as in “Be In Love”.

I look forward to more music from ITZY and I continue cheering them on.

Good job Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong and Yuna for this wonderful comeback.


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