VAV Reminisce of Fond Memories, Love, and Sentimental Farewells in their Mini Album ‘Made For Two’

The lovable and energetic Kpop group, VAV is back with a brand new mini album called, ‘MADE FOR TWO’. This album is full of heartfelt and personal songs. VAV takes listeners on an emotional journey as each track expresses the wonderful feeling of love, fond memories, and the heartbreaking moment of separation.

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The first track on their mini album, “MADE FOR TWO” is a beautiful song about remembering past memories with the person they still love. To me this song is a message from VAV promising their fans (VAMPZ) that they’ll continue to meet in the future. In the description of their official music video they wrote “The song is dedicate to couples, meanwhile also represent all memories and promise between VAV and VAMPZ.”

The music video is full of aesthetics. The location (Jeju Island) is breathtaking and the various camera shots showcased the grandeur of it all. VAV were styled in soft muted colors which complimented the natural colors of the locations.

The second track is called “Into You” and it was written by VAV’s benevolent leader, St. Van. “Into You” is an EDM track, sung in English, and it’s full of summer vibes. It’s a refreshing feel good song that talks about falling in love. This is one of my favorite tracks, you can catch me blasting this song while singing and dancing to it. Even though we are entering the fall season, I’ll still replay this song.

Next track is “Motto” written by Ayno. It’s a sexy song with passionate lyrics. According to VAV they describe the song as, “…an EDM track with strong self-personality, and it has two meanings “Motor” and “Motto”, referring that this girl is the motto of my life.” The members’ voices hit each high note flawlessly while the synth keeps it groovy.

The fourth song, “Hold Tight” is a tearjerker. It’s a soft, tender ballad written by Ace. VAV explains the lyrics, “…talk about sadness between lovers during farewell”. They also express the sweet memories they have with their lover and tells them to hold tight and don’t let go. The harmony in this track melts my heart. The first time I heard “Hold Tight” I instantly loved it.

If “Hold Tight” wasn’t enough – prepare yourself for “You taught me love”. The fifth and last track was produced by Lou and it continues the theme of lovers bidding farewell. The song is about telling a lover how they taught them love and how much they still love them, miss them, and they don’t know how to forget about them. This track is entirely in English and the members do a great job in expressing the sentimentality of the song.

I believe VAV has some of the best fan interactions. It’s clear they receive so much strength from VAMPZ and VAMPZ receive encouragement and love from VAV through their music. While listening to this mini album and reading the lyrics I couldn’t help but think about VAMPZ. Because of the current situation the group isn’t able to meet their fans in person. So while this is a temporary separation just like the lyrics in their songs – VAV promises they’ll be joined with VAMPZ again in the future.

Overall this was a great mini album from VAV and I continue cheering them on in their musical journey!

Make sure to check out VAV’s mini album 🙂

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