KNK Transports Listeners to a Musical Getaway in Their Mini Album ‘KNK AIRLINE’

If you’ve been stuck at home and need a break from your mundane routine KNK’s new album could be your solution. In their new mini album, ‘KNK Airline’ takes listeners on a sweet musical journey full of charming lyrics and addicting songs.

When I think of men who are suave and classy, I instantly think of KNK. This five member group is full of visuals who are talented vocalists, rappers, and performers. KNK has a sophisticated aura to them and we see that through their music, performances and music videos.

Their mini album starts with an instrumental track, “Autumn, Breeze”. The title definitely suits the season. This track builds anticipation and prepares listeners for the title track.

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The title track “Ride” is upbeat and groovy. KNK want to take their love on a long ride and simply spend time together. This is definitely a song you want to add to your road trip playlist. The synth gives the song a fresh sound. The members’ voices are smooth and clear from vocals to the raps. The chorus is absolutely addicting and I lost count how many times I’ve played this song.

In the music video each member dons a pristine pilot uniform with sleek hairstyles. The choreography perfectly reflects the smoothness of the song. Even though the members are wearing uniforms they still look absolutely regal.

I would like for us to take a moment and appreciate the choreography. Just look at the first few seconds of “Ride”. I love how KNK have unique formations throughout their performance. So good *chef’s kiss*.

The next track, “Highway”, KNK confess their lover is the light in their life. Together they’re on a highway towards the eternal world. I believe the term highway refers to the journey of life. In this song it seems that KNK want to be with their lover for the long haul, they want a committed relationship and as long as they stick together they’ll continue being forever young. I like how the lyrics continue the theme of travel (or transportation). The song is a catchy EDM track, full of synth sounds but the vocals keep the song grounded and sincere.

*I would like to mention my translations of the lyrics are a bit rough. I’m sharing with you my interpretation of the general meaning of the songs.

It’s not a KNK album without an emotional ballad. In their song “You are my reason” it starts with what seems like a breakup, the members further confess that – this special person is the reason for their smile and the reason they endured long nights. They recall the moments they spent with their lover were special moments. It’s a bitter sweet song. Out of all the tracks on their mini album, “You are my reason” showcases KNK’s vocals best. I really enjoyed the melody of the song and the harmonies in the verses and chorus. This song will melt your heart, it certainly melted mine. Yes, this is another favorite track for me.

The mini album ends with a breezy mid-tempo track, “TIME”. In this song KNK sing about no matter how much time passes they can’t forget about that special someone and they still need their love. Just like “Ride” and “Highway” this song has a nice groove to it that displays KNK’s polished vocals and raps.

‘KNK Airline’ was a fresh comeback full of KNK’s charms. Each track displays their immaculate performance and I’ll definitely keep this mini album on repeat.

Like I mentioned in my reaction video, KNK is a special group to me. They were the first Kpop group I filmed my reaction to. To be specific KNK’s “Lonely Night” mv reaction is the first video I uploaded to my channel.

I fully believe this group has so much charm and charisma that they can win over people’s hearts. I’ll do my part and continue supporting KNK however I can.

If you’re reading this and are unfamiliar with KNK please check them out. Here’s their YouTube channel : They are definitely worth your time. Check out their music and videos, you won’t be disappointed.

I’m so proud of Jihun, Seoham, Dongwon, Inseong and Heejun for this fantastic comeback. With that being said I continue rooting for KNK and wish them all the best as they continue their journey 😀


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