Monsta X is Passionate and Bold In Their New Album ‘Fatal Love’

There’s no better way to start the month than with an epic album and a breathtaking music video. Monsta X came back like a storm in the music scene. Their third full length album, Fatal Love, is filled with songs that are sexy, suave, and intense.

The first song on their album, also the title track, “Love Killa” is a song about a love/hate relationship. The song is filled with memorable lines such as Joohoney’s “Oh I’m sorry, did I make you anxious?” The chorus is repetitive and will easily be stuck in anyone’s head.

“Love Killa” sets the mood for the rest of the album. This song is a perfect preview of what to expect in the other tracks.

The music video is one my top favorite videos from the group. The suits, the villainous characters each member portrayed, the choreography, and the settings – I loved it all. The members looked sexy yet sophisticated. That combination worked really well and it definitely made me speechless when I watched the music video. You can watch my reaction video to “Love Killa” here.

The next song “GASOLINE’ (갈증)” is about passionate love. Just like the lyrics suggests, “Fire love like gasoline.” This song is hot, sexy, and smooth. It has some Latin flare to it and I love it. Their vocals are equally as smooth and the base really carries the song.

It’s evident the title of the album, Fatal Love, sums up the whole theme of the songs so far. “Thriller” is another passionate song that expresses the extreme emotions in pursuing a relationship. Kihyun starts this song with his quick, clear, vocals. I love the subtle sounds of strings in the background while I.M. raps his verse. This song is once again, sexy and smooth.

So the next song, “Guess Who”, is probably the sauciest song in this album (in terms of lyrics). You can search up the lyrics and come up with your own interpretation of the song.

The chorus is addicting, with Joohoney continuously saying “X, X, X,” and Kihyun following by singing, “나를 불러 (call me)”. The vocals are smooth while the raps are strong. The contrast in the vocals and raps bring a nice balance to the song.

“Nobody Else” was written and composed by none other than Hyungwon. The song is about finding that special someone and not needing anyone else. This track predominately showcases the velvety vocals of the group. The bridge and the added strings towards the end of the song are exquisite. I’m really proud of Hyungwon for creating this beautiful track.

Halfway through the album and of course we need that powerhouse Monsta X track. “BEASTMODE” is intense, strong, and bold. The chant-like vocals in the beginning with Joohoney spelling out Monsta X got me really pumped for this track.

This song is a reminder of who Monsta X is – a team of talented guys who go all out in their music, despite all odds. Eric Nam was part of writing this song. I won’t lie, I didn’t think Eric Nam could write a song like this but I’m definitely pleased he did.

In my opinion, some of the best songs from Monsta X are the ones when the members participated in writing lyrics or composing the song. With that being said, “STAND TOGETHER (대동단결)” is another song about the group themselves. Joohoney was involved in composing this track.

This song really embodies who the group is. Despite the hardships they faced, they will still stand together as a team. I love this message. I can picture this song as an anthem for both Monsta X and Monbebe (their fans). This is definitely one of my top favorite tracks from the album.

My favorite lyrics from “STAND TOGETHER”:

“MONSTA 우린 대동단결
반항에 의한 반격
자 방아쇠를 당겨 우린 절대 안 바뀌어
우린 대동단결
지나온 날을 삼켜 진짜가 왔다 알려
종이 위 붓을 갈겨”

English translation:

“MONSTA we stand together, counterattack by rebellion.
Now pull the trigger, we’ll never change, we stand together.
Swallow the past days, tell them the real deal has arrived.”

The next song, “Night View” is ethereal and romantic. The vocals take center stage in this song, even though the raps from Joohoney and I.M. are always good. Hyungwon’s line, “Shall we dance under the moonlight.” is followed by soft EDM. This track is easy to listen to and it’s perfect for a late night drive. I.M. was part of composing this song.

“Last Carnival” is an R&B song about dancing with someone under the moonlight and just spending time with them. I like how the lyrics connect to the previous song “Night View”. By far, this song has some of my favorite harmonies. The added strings in the background of this track make it sound whimsical.

I also like in Joohoney’s lines how he mentions he’s the beast and the girl is beauty. This is another beautiful romantic song from the group. Monsta X can be intense or soft, and we definitely hear that throughout this album.

“Sorry I’m Not Sorry” starts with I.M. and Joohoney singing. Even though they are the group’s main rappers, there’s no denying their vocals are just as good. This is a soft acoustic song about being unapologetic after a breakup. It’s nice listening to each member sing.

I’ll admit this track is probably the most different (in terms of sound) than any other song on this album. I wasn’t expecting it. But like I mentioned, it’s nice hearing the versatility in the type of genres Monsta X can do. This song reminds me of relaxing in a coffeeshop. It’s chill, soft, and perfect to listen to if you need to unwind.

Throughout this album each member was able to shine in one song or another. Shownu, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Joohoney, and I.M, did a great job in Fatal Love.

Fatal Love is an album about passion, love, and confidence. Monsta X know what they want when it comes to love. They can be fearless and bold as well as tender and romantic.

Overall this album is a great addition to Monsta X’s discography. They maintain the powerhouse sounds I love and those rebellious concepts in their music videos that always grab my attention. Fatal Love is incredible and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Make sure to listen to their album if you haven’t already. You can listen to their album Fatal Love here.


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