October was definitely the month for Kpop. At one point (I’ll admit) it was hard to keep up. Some of the biggest names in Kpop had comebacks while there were plenty of debuts as well. But don’t worry, I caught up and I have been loving each release.

I would like to state: October has been an interesting month for everyone. Especially the last week of October and the first week of November. I don’t have to tell you what’s been going on. But with that said, the songs I chose are songs that I found comforting and stress-relieving for me personally. These are songs that I often catch myself replaying just because it helps me cope with everything that’s going on. 

Of course I wish I could list many more songs but I have them all on my Spotify playlist, you can check them out HERE.

So let’s start things off with some honorable mentions!


Seventeen released the jazzy mini album ;[SEMICOLON]. There are songs such as “HOME;RUN” and “HEY BUDDY” that have all the swing, big band sounds I love. While “Light a Flame” is an addicting slow cha-cha-cha song I didn’t know I needed in my life.


Twice released their second full length album and I have enjoyed listening to it. I said this before and I’ll say it again – Twice has some of the best b-side tracks in the music industry. Their album Eyes Wide Open, is a hit. All the songs showcase their maturity not only in sound but also in concept. I can confidently say I love all the songs in their album.


One of the most anticipated comebacks was NCT as a whole group. Yes, all 23 members (this includes two new members). Although the group was split into sub-groups for the songs and promotions but I still enjoyed their album NCT RESONANCE Pt.1. “Misfit”, “Music, Dance”, “Make A Wish (Birthday Song)”, “Dancing In The Rain”, and “Volcano” are some of my favorite tracks. Hopefully in their upcoming second album we’ll get a song or a performance that features all 23 members (like their song “Black on Black” in 2018).


Another anticipated comeback was BLACKPINK with their first full length album. I was surprised and definitely happy with their title track “Lovesick Girls”. It has a different sound than what we usually hear from BLACKPINK but it is so good. “Love To Hate Me” is an anthem for anyone who has haters. It’s a song that will instantly boost anyone’s confidence and I love it.


I normally don’t talk about debuts on my monthly favorite comeback posts. However I need to talk about P1Harmony. This is a group that debuted in October under FNC Entertainment. Their debut song and music video for “SIREN” is impressive and their mini album is full of equally amazing songs. This group consists of all rappers but I want to mention their vocals are incredible as well. If I could create my ideal favorite type of Kpop group it would be P1Harmony. Their sound, concept, and image is everything I love to see in Kpop. If you’re a fan of hip hop and rap I highly recommend checking out their mini album DISHARMONY: STAND OUT.

Now on to my top five favorite comebacks for October. I’ll admit some of the groups listed here surprised me. I wasn’t expecting to love some comebacks as much as I do. 

5. SF9 – Love No.5

SF9 released three songs to celebrate their 4th debut anniversary. “Shine Together” is a sweet song. “Forever” is exquisite and beautiful. However, I lost count how many times I’ve replayed “Love No.5”. The song is fun, upbeat and so so so addicting. If you listen to that song once you’ll have it on replay all day. Trust me. It’s definitely worth listening to. I love it.

4. TXT – Blue Hour

Here’s my reaction video to TXT “Blue Hour” music video!

My goodness I never expected TXT to release such a fun song (and mini album). I won’t lie, I missed hearing TXT’s bright and bubbly music like their debut song “Crown”. “Blue Hour” gave me all the bright and fun vibes I love from the group with a retro disco twist to it. Their song “Ghosting” gives me California vibes, it’s chill and just an overall feel good song. “We Lost The Summer” is a sad song (lyrically) but the music is still jam worthy. It’s catchy and I can’t help but dance along to it. “Wishlist” is a sweet song with the acoustic pop sound I love. It’s such a ‘free-spirit’ type of song. The last song on their mini album “Way Home” is another chill song with bittersweet lyrics but I still love it.

3. Pentagon – Daisy

Here’s my reaction video to Pentagon’s “Daisy” music video!

I believe Pentagon is the first group I fully supported in helping them to get their first music show win. Ever since their comeback for “Dr. Bebe” in February I quickly grew fond of this group. Their album WE:TH is a beautiful mini album, I wrote a full blog post on it here. The song “Daisy” is so special to the group and to their fans Universe. This comeback made me realize that Pentagon might be my ULT Kpop group.

2. B1A4 – Like A Movie

Here’s my reaction video to B1A4 “Like a Movie” music video!

B1A4 took me by surprise. I was familiar with the group’s music. But for this comeback I learned more about the group’s history and members. Their music is simply magic to me. During some stressful days I play their album Origine. I wrote a full blog post on their album here. Their other songs “what is LovE?” And “Diving” are some of my favorites. I have so much respect for Sandeul, Gongchan, and CNU. B1A4 quickly became a group (like Pentagon) that now has a special place in my heart.


Here’s my reaction video to VERIVERY “G.B.T.B.” music video!

Now this comeback definitely shocked me (in a good way). Their song “G.B.T.B.” (Go Beyond The Barrier), is a powerhouse song. I love the strong base and sound this song has. The message is great too. The other songs on their mini album “My Face”, and “Get Outta My Way” are my favorites as well. This rookie group impressed me the most. Their evolution not only in their image but in their music throughout this year have been great. I wrote a full blog post on their mini album here.

I would like to remind everyone these are my personal top picks for the month. There are plenty of groups and artist I didn’t mention. But most of my favorite Kpop comebacks for the month of October are listed on my Spotify playlist.


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