CNBLUE’S Mini Album ‘RE-CODE’ Provides Comfort in the Midst of Change

After about three years and eight months, CNBLUE has returned with their eighth mini album, RE-CODE. Now a trio and all are back from the military, this marks a new chapter in CNBLUE’s musical journey.

Because my discovery of Kpop is still in its early stages, I’ve heard about CNBLUE but I didn’t know much about them until this comeback. For the most part I have to thank their fandom, Boice, for fully introducing me to this group and their incredible discography.

CNBLUE is a Kpop band. Yes, a band! By the way, I’m a huge fan of bands (members playing instruments, composing their own music, not to mention the live performances – I love all that).

Leader, Yong Hwa, is the main vocalist and guitarist of the group as well as the main songwriter. Next is the drummer of the group and vocalist as well, Min Hyuk. Last but not least is the bassist and vocalist, Jung Shin.

Their mini album, RE-CODE, signifies change. I think the release of this album (during the transitional period between fall and winter) – is a representation of the group entering their own new season. The songs on the album talk about loss, nostalgia, finding oneself, embracing the cold weather, and showing gratitude to their fans. CNBLUE managed to release an album that is equally sentimental and comforting. So with all that being said let’s dive into their eighth mini album.

Check out my video reaction of CNBLUE’s “Then, Now and Forever” MV here.

The first song is, “Then, Now, and Forever”. It’s a post breakup song – it captures the feeling of that in-between moment of missing someone while trying to move on.

Just like the lyrics say:

어떤 날은 괜찮고
어떤 날은 미치도록 그리워
어떤 날은 또 정말 미워

언젠가는 이러다가 말겠지
잊혀지긴 하겠지
어떤 날은 다 무뎌지겠지

우린 과거 현재 미래에 있어

English translation:

Sometimes I’m fine
Sometimes I miss it madly
Sometimes I want to forget it

It’ll all be over soon
It’ll be forgotten
It’ll be numb

We’re here then, now and forever

The lyrics are poetic, beautiful and also sad. If I could quote the whole song here, I would. This song is described as alternative rock. I love the sound of the raw vocals, the guitar, drums, and base flowed really well in this song. Despite its rock elements it didn’t overpower the melodic and sentimental vibe of the song.

“Then, Now, and Forever” holds multiple meanings for CNBLUE and Boice (their fans) which makes this track all the more special. The first time I heard this song I knew it meant so much to the members – just watch their music video or any of their live performances.

The second song on their mini album is called “Till Then”. This song is basically about leaving everything behind, take a break and just find yourself. It’s a laidback track – everything about the song is smooth, especially the guitar and vocals. It’s a perfect road trip song in my opinion or a de-stresser song. Basically if you’re feeling stressed, listen to this song, it’ll make you feel better.

Their next song, “In Time”, to me holds multiple meanings. The song is calming yet full of emotion. “In Time” is about missing someone’s presence, not being able to reach out to them, not knowing where they are, and wondering if they’re fine. This song could be about missing a friend or a lover after a breakup. Or this song could be about mourning someone who has passed. The lyrics in the bridge convinces me that this song could be about someone who has passed:

같은 공간 속
다른 공기 속으로 걸어가
내 속에 퍼져가
넌 어디쯤 왔니
넌 어디쯤 있니
어디에 서 있니
눈물로 눈물로 눈물로 부르잖아

English translation:

In the same space
You walk into different air
And spread in me
Till where did you reach?
Around where are you?
Where are you standing?
I’m calling you in tears, tears, tears

The fourth track on their mini album, “Winter Again.” starts with a peaceful country-like acoustic guitar. This is an easy listening song. It’s about the season changing to winter from one day to the next – saying farewell to warm weather and accepting the cold season again. I love the simplicity of the song, while it perfectly captures how everyone feels having to accept the winter season so soon. This is another de-stresser song. If you hate winter or if you’re feeling overwhelmed by life, I recommend this song (and maybe a cup of tea too).

The fifth and last song from their mini album will give anyone instant happiness. “Blue Stars” is upbeat and cheerful. The song is CNBLUE’s message to their fans. They thank them for being with the group for 10 years and they hope to cherish each other (CNBLUE and Boice) forever. Honestly this song is so sweet, I smile every time I listen to it.

I believe RE-CODE is a perfect album to introduce new listeners to CNBLUE. It’ll also please their devoted supporters. They’ll find comfort while enjoying this new direction of the group. It also serves as reassurance on the group’s future.

Once again I want to give a huge shout out to Boice. If fans are a reflection of a group, then Yong Hwa, Min Hyuk, and Jung Shin must be very caring, thoughtful, and genuinely lovely guys. My interaction with Boice has literally been exquisite and so welcoming. Their devotion for CNBLUE made me want to learn more about the group.

I wish CNBLUE all the best in their future activities and I’ll continue learning about them and supporting their musical journey.

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