Full Recap of B1A4’s Online Concert ‘Documentary Live Directed by B1A4’

Hello everyone, so today I want to share with you all my first online concert experience. There has been countless of online concerts this year (especially in Kpop). But despite all the options, I chose B1A4 specifically.

B1A4 is a group that quickly became special to me. I first heard their music last year but it wasn’t until their comeback for “Like A Movie” that I learned more about the group and I became really invested in their music. I wrote a blog post about their latest album, Origine HERE. B1A4’s music has become a source of comfort for me, as I’m sure it has for many others too.

So when they announced their online concert I knew I had to get my ticket.

Their online concert is titled “Documentary Live Directed by B1A4”. Just like the title suggests, CNU, Sandeul, and Gongchan were fully involved in the creation of it. This is their first concert in about four years and first full concert as a trio. Needless to say this is an extremely special night for both the group and BANA (their fans).

Yes, those are pictures of classic Hollywood films in my background.

The concert took place December 5, and started at 5PM (KST), which was about 3AM my time. I didn’t mind the time difference because it’s B1A4 and knowing I would see them perform live is enough to keep me awake.

When it was 5PM (KST) the screen faded and it showed a small set with three curtained walls, instruments, and in the center were three mic stands. The live band took their places and then CNU, Gongchan, and Sandeul stepped in. The three guys looked dashing in black suits. They started the night with their song “Nightmare” followed by “Oh My God”. I immediately loved how personal it all felt. One Bana said the set felt intimate. Which I definitely agree.

I knew this was going to be a night just for B1A4 and Bana. Throughout the night I could feel their sincerity and gratitude for Bana, which many of them have been with the group for about nine years!

I would like to mention most of their songs were originally created to be performed with five people. But the new arrangements of the songs fit CNU, Sandeul, and Gongchan so perfectly. Each member stood out throughout the night and I think the line distribution was great.

CNU was the first to greet viewers, followed by Gongchan, and Sandeul. They welcomed everyone and then they interacted with the chat. By the way there were live subtitles in various languages for the whole concert.

The third song they performed was “Seoul” and the chat was going crazy. Their vocals with the live band were a match made in heaven.

The screen faded out then faded into a new set. The members stood still in an open space while male and female dancers walked about. They began their fourth song of the night from their Origine album, “Wind”. The change in setting was a pleasant surprise.

Gongchan, Sandeul, and CNU performing “Wind”.

After “Wind” they showed their Commentary Film #1. This showed behind the scenes of B1A4 preparing for this concert. All three members are seen practicing with the live band. In an interview style CNU, Sandeul, and Gongchan shared their thoughts about performing with the band.

The screen faded and we are welcomed again in a new set. It was a bedroom connected to a living room set. Sandeul began the fifth song, “Let’s Fly”. This is a song CNU wrote before enlisting in the military and it’s a very special song. The live band definitely made this song sound so full and whole. Afterwards they performed “Like a child” which was written by Sandeul. I wish in the future people will be able to watch B1A4 perform these beautiful songs. At this point I’m thinking B1A4 should release some of their songs with a live band version.

After a brief chat, Sandeul and Gongchan kicked CNU out of the set. It was definitely a funny moment. They teased the audience would see a new side of CNU and whatever we imagined, CNU would show us more. Basically no one was ready for CNU’s upcoming solo performance.

Gongchan, CNU, and Sandeul reading the live chat after performing “Like a child”.

I have to say….I definitely wasn’t expecting his performance for “Zero Gravity” to be like that at all. CNU changed into a leather jacket and performed his sultry song. He moved throughout the set while singing and dancing, yes including body rolls. I have to say I knew CNU could dance but my goodness….I didn’t know CNU could move like that. His performance of “Zero Gravity” showed that CNU is indeed an all-around performer.

I should state, CNU is my bias so you can imagine how much I loved his performance.

CNU performing “Zero Gravity”.

Commentary Film #2 gave me a moment to process CNU’s performance. The commentary covered behind the scenes of their dance practices and their preparations for the upcoming songs.

After the Commentary Film the members emerged wearing white sweaters and performed “Call me”. While watching this performance I consistently asked myself, how do they do it? They are singing and dancing without stepping out of beat. When they finished the song they admitted the choreography was tiring. But despite their exhaustion they quickly regained their energy and performed one of my favorite songs, “DIVING”.

As soon as the song started I couldn’t stop smiling. I was so happy I got to see a full choreography to this fantastic song. Sandeul’s high note was flawless. I was so proud of the guys and I definitely sang along to this song. I practically gave this a standing ovation from my room, I loved it. Once again, I am begging for B1A4 to release a live band version of their songs.

After “DIVING” they performed another one of my favorites…”TONIGHT”! The first time I heard “TONIGHT” I knew this is a perfect concert song. So yes, I was extremely giddy watching this performance and dancing to the song at around 3AM. Totally worth it.

Next they had a special film. This video showed the members practicing in the dance room. Sandeul takes a seat in front of the camera and Gongchan follows. They compare CNU to a radish because of his bright sweater. This catches his attention and he joins them in front of the camera. They talk about songs they recommend that would be perfect to listen to before falling asleep at night. Throughout their conversation they would mention a song and spontaneously break out in song – easily harmonizing with each other. Hearing their raw vocals is a blessing to the ears.

When the video finished we are back in the acoustic band set with Gongchan sitting on the stool and he performs his solo track, “Colored With Love”. This performance was beautiful. Hearing Gongchan perform this song with a live band was wonderful and it felt like a warm hug.

Gongchan serenades the audience with his song “Colored With Love”.

Next up – Gongchan joined CNU, and Sandeul in the bedroom set and sang “Water Drop”. Just like in their mv this performance had a comedic element to it. While they performed this song with so much emotion, the staff entered the room and began taking props out of the room, even the coffee table in front of the members. I’m amazed they kept a straight face for half of the song. When they stood up towards the end the members started to laugh. I was laughing and those in the chat were also laughing. This was so wholesome.

Next is Sandeul’s very unique solo. Before his performance he explained how he’s a homebody and he’s currently raising a dog. He proceeds to look for a dog in the set. The screen blurs and thus begins Sandeul’s solo video for his song “Plodding”. In this video Sandeul is a dog and the song is basically sung from a dog’s perspective.

Leave it to Sandeul to make people laugh while he performed his song “Plodding” 😀

At this point it’s evident each member’s solo performance showed their charms.

CNU’s “Gravity” performance was sexy and suave.

Gongchan’s “Colored with Love” performance was sweet and comforting.

Sandeul’s “Plodding” performance was funny and unexpected.

The next song was the song that got me fully into B1A4 and the song I was waiting for, “Like a Movie”! For the song the guys wore golden suits. They performed the song with all the dancers and with the live band – it was simply magical.

Did I sing along to “Like a Movie”? Yes.
Did I try dancing along to it? Yes.
Did my heart melt watching them? Yes.
Did I clap after their performance? Absolutely.

Next up is a nostalgic, emotional song, “Lonely”. The choreography was so smooth. While watching this performance I felt so proud of CNU, Sandeul, and Gongchan. Even though I recently got into B1A4, I have seen all their music videos and performances from their debut to now. It is evident they have grown into mature artists who still have the same passion as when they debuted.

The next segment of the concert, they asked Bana which songs they want them to sing. They looked at the chat and read out the requests. The requests were “Fooool”, “Smile”, their debut song “O.K.”, and “Chu Chu Chu”. They performed short versions of each song with the live band.

I can imagine how nostalgic Bana felt hearing these songs which are about 9 years old. Reading Bana’s comments and seeing the interaction B1A4 has with them – it made me wish I discovered B1A4 sooner. This group has so much history and this online concert continued to solidify the relationship they have with Bana.

When the requested song segment ended, the members proceeded to sing “Slightly Tipsy”. Which is Sandeul’s OST but CNU and Gongchan sang it too. Then they sang, “Only Learned Bad Things”. Both songs were so beautiful, again vocal kings.

The members went back to the bedroom set and they kept saying how “tired” they are and they collapsed on the bed. This was a perfect introduction to their next song “Baby Good Night”. When it started I let out a little scream. I love that song so much. While they performed it, I was dancing and singing along to it. At this point during the concert it was about 5AM (my time). But I was still full of energy, their performance was so fun!

Low quality pic but high quality guys and performance.

The dancing didn’t stop because the next song was “What’s Happening?”. I loved the transitions, they were so well planned. I would like to mention throughout the concert in between songs the members checked the chat and were aware of what Bana was saying. But yes, this is another song I was dancing and singing along too.

Next up was another cheerful song, “what is LovE?” Seeing CNU, Sandeul, and Gongchan have fun while performing gave me so much joy. Also the dance break *chef’s kiss*. Who knew an online concert could be so fun?

Next up was Commentary Film #3. We see the members meet in Sandeul’s kitchen a few days before their concert. They have an honest conversation about how they’re feeling prior to the concert. I love seeing this side of the guys. I felt like I was watching three best friends (brothers to be honest) being real and relatable.

Throughout the night CNU mentioned how much he thought about Bana, music, and concerts during his time in the military. He was dreaming of this concert for a while. Honestly I’m so touched how much the guys depend on each other and Bana.

After the Commentary Film the members performed “ROAD”. This song is so beautiful and the vocals make me melt (again). That’s something I love about B1A4 their music is enough to move anyone and make them feel something – and their songs are so timeless.

When they finished “ROAD” they brought out a time capsule and filled it with meaningful items. They closed the time capsule with the promise that they’ll open it in their first offline concert – when they are reunited with Bana again. Seriously these guys are so sweet and genuine, they deserve the world.

CNU, Gongchan, and Sandeul after filling up the time capsule.

Now the last part of their concert is full of emotions and lots of tears (and smiles too). The staff showed pictures Bana had sent. These pictures include handwritten messages, pictures of them holding B1A4’s lightsticks, their album collection, and basically pictures that hold a special meaning to Bana. Then the staff played audio messages from Bana to B1A4….that’s when everyone cried. Some Banas expressed their gratitude to the group, others said how they grew up listening to B1A4, their promises to stay with B1A4 forever. Honestly this was the sweetest part of the whole concert.

The guys were touched and yes…tears were shed.

Now it was time for the last song, “For BANA”. Gongchan couldn’t start the song, he burst crying and buried his face in Sandeul’s shoulder and Sandeul took over and sang and CNU joined them. CNU and Sandeul sang the song while they embraced Gongchan. At this point I’m sure everyone was crying – Bana watching online, the staff present, it’s hard to watch this and not cry.

There was one more surprise in store for B1A4. The crew suddenly held up signs. Then the members proceeded to thank each staff member – from the dancers, the band, the directors, the crew working behind the computers or cameras – the members personally thanked everyone.

Also throughout the night the members consistently thanked Bana for being with them and supporting them all these years.

Screenshot from @fallforcnu on twitter.

I could seriously go on and on (in detail) about each performance and song. Hopefully they’ll release an official VOD version of this concert.

Overall this concert was sweet, personal, funny, whimsical, sentimental, and most importantly it was full of love and gratitude.

Thank you CNU, Sandeul, and Gongchan for putting on an exquisite show. Also thank you to the crew that helped to make this live concert possible and Bana for consistently supporting B1A4 and being a source of strength to them.


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