New year comes with new music and January was full of fantastic comebacks. It’s a promising year for Kpop.

Please remember: These are my personal favorite songs. Music is very subjective. Just because I don’t mention a certain group or artist doesn’t mean I disliked their music. Most likely if a group or artist isn’t mentioned here you can check out my monthly Spotify playlist. There I have all of my favorite songs released for that month.

So now on to my favorites!

Epik High “Rosario”

I always struggle with labeling K-Hip hop/ K-rap / K-Indie artists under “K-pop”. I’m sure this is an ongoing debate that might never end. With that being said, I don’t know if Epik High is considered “K-pop”.

However, I want to mention Epik High’s comeback. Their title track “Rosario” features CL and Zico. When I found out they would be in an Epik High’s song, it made my day. Especially Zico, I wasn’t expecting any music from him this year. But I was pleasantly surprised with this collaboration. The song has some Spanish influences in it. I love the acoustic guitar throughout the song. The song is memorable from the raps, to the beat, CL’s vocals, and the iconic lines “Out of my way I am a legend and I’m here to stay.”

Epik High never disappoints with their music. Some of my favorite tracks include: “Lesson Zero”, “Based on A True Story” feat. Heize, “Acceptance Speech” feat. B.I, “Leica” feat. Kim Sawol, and “End of the World” feat. GSoul. Hearing B.I was another pleasant surprise. I’m happy he’s returning to the music scene. As well as one of my favorite singers GSoul.

I’ll admit the two tracks I replay the most from their album is “Rosario” and “End of the World”. Overall Epik High’s album is probably one of the best albums of 2021.

CRAVITY “Call my name”

When I think of Cravity I think about their b-sides. Their title tracks are great. The title track for their recent comeback, “My Turn” is catchy and I really enjoyed it. You can watch the music video for “My Turn” HERE. However, with Cravity I fall for their b-sides. Their song “Call my name” showcases their strong vocals. I absolutely love it.

My other favorite tracks include “Mammoth”, “Bad Habits”, and “Moonlight”.

Golden Child “Burn It”

Here’s my reaction video to Golden Child “Burn It” music video!

When I first heard Golden Child’s song “Burn It” I was surprised to hear a fun, tropical, summer-vibes type of song. The music video also took me by surprise. The video and the song seem very contrasting at first. But after reading the lyrics to “Burn It” it fits perfectly with the whole zombie apocalypse storyline in Golden Child’s music video.

Another track that is my favorite is “Milky Way”. Their vocals sound so good. It’s a softer song but it’s still great.

ONEUS “No Diggity”

Here’s my reaction video to ONEUS “No diggity” music video!

ONEUS released their first full length album two years after their debut. Their title track “No Diggity” has elements of pop, dance, and rock. The more I listened to this song and the more I watched their live performances – the more I loved it. In particular the pre-chorus with Leedo and the bridge are my favorites. I think the choreography is great, especially in the bridge.

My other favorite tracks from their album include: “Lion Heart”, “Leftover”, and “Incomplete”.

Bobby “U Mad”

Here’s my reaction video to Bobby’s “U Mad” music video!

Epic, raw, and passionate Bobby is back! His title track “U Mad” is strong and aggressive. I really enjoy the song and the music video. Bobby has his own style when it comes to music, whether he’s singing or rapping there’s no denying it’s Bobby when you hear it.

Some of my favorite tracks from his album include: “RocKstaR”, “NO TIME”, “In THE DaRk”, “LiLaC”, HeartBROKEN PlaYBoy”, and “RaiNinG” (feat. JU-NE). However my top two favorite tracks are “Let iT Go” and “DeVil”. I think the message behind those two songs are some of my favorites.


Here’s my reaction video to (G)I-DLE’s “HWAA” music video!

“HWAA” is one of my favorite comebacks from (G)I-dle. The whole concept suits them perfectly. The song sounds like a film score. The choreography doesn’t have any big movements – but instead each movement is sharp and clean. I also think the choreography fits the members as well. Their live performance (and music video) is art.

Their b-side “HANN (Alone in winter)” sets the mood for their mini album. The song sounds haunting but it’s beautiful. My other favorite track is “DAHLIA”. The song is also beautiful. I think the members’ vocals are strong yet ethereal.

VICTON “What I Said”

Here’s my reaction video to VICTON “What I Said” music video!

VICTON released their first full length album! Their title track “What I Said” is a strong title track. I think how the song starts with Seungwoo and then Hanse really launched the song. The chorus itself keeps that momentum. I think this comeback definitely got people’s attention and I hope more people will discover them and enjoy their music.

Some of my favorite tracks from their album are: “Into The Mirror”, it’s a solid song to start the album. “Circle” is a song that was often stuck in my head throughout the month of January. “Flip A Coin” is another favorite track. But honestly speaking – I enjoy all the songs on their album: “Chess”, “Up To You”, “All Day”, “Carry on”, “Eyes on you”, “Utopia”, Where is Love?”, “Unpredictable”, and “We Stay”.


The powerhouse rookie group MCND came back with their song “Crush”. You can watch their official MV for “Crush” HERE. Their title track is catchy, however their b-side “KO, OK!” is the winner for me. It’s that fighter anthem everyone loves. This is a perfect song if you need some motivation or energy.

Their other b-sides, “PLAYER”, “LOUDER”, and “Not over” are also my favorites. MCND continues to bring those powerhouse sounds and I love it.

HyunA “I’m Not Cool”

The queen of addicting songs for the month of January goes to Hyuna’s “I’m Not Cool”. The song is catchy from start to finish. Hyuna sings about being unapologetically herself. It’s a fun song to sing and dance to. The choreography is catchy as well. I think this song is another hit for Hyuna. I’ve listened to this song almost every day since it was released.

Her other songs “Good Girl” and “Party, Feel, Love” (feat. DAWN), are my other favorite tracks.

Jeong Sewoon “In The Dark”

Here’s my reaction video to Jeong Sewoon “In The Dark” music video!

Sewoon is an underrated and incredible artist. His entire album 24 PART 2 is full of smooth, chill songs with a bit of jazz in them. I love all the tracks on his album but my top favs (beside the title track) are “Fine” “Find you”, and “Be a fool”, his voice is calming in that song.

I think Sewoon had a fantastic comeback. “In The Dark” has a great message and the overall sound is peaceful. If you’re looking for calming, coffeeshop type of songs I highly recommend his music.

U-KNOW “Need You Right Now”

Here’s my reaction video to U-Know’s “Need You Right Now” video!

TVXQ’s U-KNOW (Yunho) released an album inspired by various film genres. I’ve mentioned this multiple times (in my channel and blog) the whole concept for his comeback is my favorite. I thoroughly enjoyed his album NOIR and the title track “Thank U”. The music video for his title track is incredible. As well as the videos he released to all his songs are great. I wrote a blog post on his album NOIR – you can read it HERE.

But the song I continuously play and I never skip is “Need You Right Now”. This song is no doubt my #1 favorite song for the month of January. I love the whole vibe of the song, U-Know’s voice, the beat, everything about it. It was the first song from his album that was revealed to the public on January 8th and I’ve been in love with it ever since.


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