SHINee Makes A Bold Return With Their 7th Album ‘Don’t Call Me’

SHINee continues to prove they are one of the most unique Kpop groups in the industry. It is nearly impossible to fit SHINee into one category. Everything about them – from their concepts to their music – they continuously break the norms while maintaining their identity as a team.

They are truly one of a kind.

Their 7th album Don’t Call Me is the group’s first comeback in about two years and six months. Onew, Key, and Minho completed their mandatory military service in 2020 and quickly went back to work on music. While the members served in the military Taemin had various solo activities and group activities with SuperM. But now the team is back together.

The title track “Don’t Call Me” is a song with a clear message. They want nothing to do with their obsessive ex. It’s an unapologetic, in your face type of song.

The music video perfectly captures the whole vibe of the song. Onew, Minho, Key, and Taemin are full of charisma and confidence. The choreography is just as unique and catchy as the song, especially in the chorus and the ending. Shoutout to the choreographers Kasper and Bailey.

Here’s my video reaction to SHINee’s “Don’t Call Me” MV.

The next track is a complete 180. “Heart Attack” is fun with all the thrills of falling for someone. This song sounds like a classic SHINee song. The vocals of each member work perfectly together. The groovy instrumentals make it easy to dance along to.

“Marry You” was the first song from their album the public was introduced to (this doesn’t include the endless spoilers from Taemin). They released a video of all four members performing the song on January 31. The song is slightly jazzy with smooth vocals. It’s a romantic song about asking a girl to marry them. I have a feeling this song will be popular at weddings and possibly proposals too.

The next song “CØDE” is slightly darker and sexy. It’s about wanting to learn more and pursue someone who seems mysterious. The high notes throughout the song are exquisite. The background vocals are hidden gems. The more you listen to the song the more you hear different elements in it.

“I Really Want You” has a nice retro sound to it. It reminds me of Michael Jackson and I love it. It’s upbeat and catchy. The synth and percussion really brings the song to life. Of course, SHINee’s vocals are amazing. This song can easily brighten anyone’s day.

The following track “Kiss Kiss” is another smooth track with a catchy chorus. The song is also about wanting to get closer to a lover. The harmonies in this track are wonderful. The base and guitar give the song a retro sound. It definitely has some 70s vibe.

The next track is one of my favorites. “Body Rhythm” has a reggae sound. It’s easygoing and just like the title it’ll make your body move to the rhythm. One of my favorite artists Woodie Gochild was part of writing the lyrics and composing the song.

“Attention” is full of SHINee’s heavenly vocals, there’s smooth whistling, and an addicting melody. The song is about realizing there’s a mutual attraction in a relationship and discovering all the emotions that come with it.

Another one of my favorite tracks is “Kind”. The song starts with Taemin’s soft vocals. “Kind” is the most beautiful song from the album. It’s about someone who was always there for them, even in every shaky season.

The Korean title is 빈칸, means blank. Many believe this could be a reference to their late member Jonghyun. Blank could mean the empty space where he used to fill.

I think this song could be dedicated to a lover, a family member, a friend, and even to Shawols (their fans). Or this song could be specifically about Jonghyun. It’s a heartfelt song and the sincerity of each member can be heard in their voices.

I’ll admit, when I heard the title track I assumed this album would be full of post breakup songs. But I was wrong. Most of the songs on this album are about pursuing a lover. SHINee never repeats themselves. They try new things with each comeback while maintaining their signature style and sound.

Congratulations to SHINee for a bold comeback. Their music, performances, and work ethic serve as an example for new and old idols alike as well as new and old fans too.

I’m sure Jonghyun is proud of his brothers. Even though he isn’t with us, we can feel his legacy and energy in this album.

Overall Don’t Call Me is a statement album – SHINee is back and no one can replace them.

You can listen to SHINee’s 7th album Don’t Call Me here:


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