What a fun month March was. So many great releases from upbeat jams to sentimental ballads. However this post is up a bit later than usual because there were several comebacks on the last week of March. I wanted to give those releases a chance and allow the songs to grow on me. I’m glad I did!

In no particular order here’s my list of favorite Kpop songs released in the month of March.

WOODZ – “Rebound”

Woodz came back with his sexy song “Feel Like”. But one of my favorite songs from his comeback is “Rebound”. His vocals are insane (in a good way). This song is full of emotion, it’s smooth, but Seungyoun’s high notes are so strong it leaves an impression. This song is unforgettable, it needs way more attention.

IU – “My Sea”

First of all, all the songs on IU’s album are great. Her title track “Lilac” is bright and meaningful. Her b-side “Coin” is a jam. “Troll” is the perfect collaboration we needed, between IU and Dean.

However, a song that is so beautiful it took my breath away is her song “My Sea”. The song builds up to a heavenly choir that sounds so grand. Then it transitions to just IU’s voice making the song sound personal and intimate. The lyrics are the best part of the song. It’s a message to her younger self. This song is a masterpiece. I highly, highly, highly, recommend everyone to listen to this song.

Of course I have to mention another b-side, “Ah puh”. I think I’ve replayed that song the most. I love the lyrics to this track too and it’s a perfect song to play if you’re starting your day. This song is refreshing, positive, and full of good vibes.

VERIVERY – “Numbness”

Once again this group is on my list. Their title track “Get Away” is a jam and the music video is equally as awesome. However, I love their b-side “Numbness”. It’s a hard-hitting, power house song. I always turn up my volume every time this song comes up. It’s a hidden gem and anyone who adores power house songs, will love this.

Rosé – “On The Ground”

Here’s my reaction to Rosé “On The Ground” MV.

Rosé had her solo debut with the songs “On The Ground” and “Gone”. Both are unique tracks with emotional lyrics. This was a solid solo debut for Rosé. Her vocals shined and we were able to hear a different side of Rosé as an artist.

ATEEZ – “Fireworks (I’m The One)”

Here’s my reaction to ATEEZ “Fireworks (I’m The One)” MV.

The monster rookies are back. ATEEZ’s title track has their signature bold sound that I enjoy. From the raps, to the vocals, to the instrumentation, the whole song sounds like an anthem. I loved hearing Mingi. I’m glad he still participated in this album even though he is on hiatus. “Fireworks (I’m The One)” is an in-your-face type of song and ATEEZ continue showing the world they’re indeed a strong group.

Super Junior – “House Party”

Here’s my reaction to Super Junior “House Party” MV.

An upbeat song about staying indoors, social distance, and wearing your mask? Yes, please!

Super Junior delivered the bop of the month. I’ll admit I wasn’t expecting Super Junior to release a song like this – considering their album is called The Renaissance. But this song was a pleasant surprise.

“House Party” sounds like two songs in one, thanks to an unexpected genre transition in the middle. It went from disco pop to hiphop within seconds. We even got  Eunhyuk saying “skrrrt skrrrt” to top it off. But it’s the lyrics that makes this song even more memorable.

I also love the rest of the songs on their album. Each track is unique. However, “Mystery” and “Paradox” are dark, sexy, and I often have those songs on repeat too.

GHOST9 – “Seoul”

Here’s my reaction to GHOST9 “Seoul” MV.

Ever since their debut I’ve really enjoyed GHOST9’s music. I’m glad they continue releasing awesome songs. “Seoul” is like a love letter to their city. The song sounds fresh and freeing. Just like in the music video, I can picture myself riding a rollercoaster while blasting this song.

I also like their b-sides “Uno” and “Starvoy”. They’re both powerful songs and I recommend adding them to your playlist.

Purple Kiss – “Period”

This group just debuted and their vocals are so solid. Purple Kiss has a dark concept and their title track “Ponzona” is definitely unique. But I think their b-sides showcase their vocals wonderfully too. “Skip Skip” is one of my favorite b-sides, it’s such a jam. But I also enjoy “Period”. This song is a beautiful soft ballad, their vocals are incredible in this track. “Skip Skip” and “Period” definitely deserve all the hype.

Baekhyun – “Cry For Love”

Baekhyun released his music in the end of the month. But nonetheless his song made it on this list. His title track “Bambi” is suave and sexy. I think his mini album showcases his powerful vocals even more than his previous mini albums. For the record I adore City Lights and Delight.

One of my favorite tracks from his comeback is “Cry For Love”. I fell in love with this track the minute I first heard it. R&B is a genre that really suits Baekhyun and I’m happy he gets to showcase it.

Pentagon – “1 + 1”

Okay, Pentagon’s songs “1 + 1” and “Baby I Love You” are tied in my mind. Both are such fun and addicting songs.

But of course their title track “DO or NOT” is a gem. It has that rebellious teen vibe and it’s super catchy. I wrote a whole blog post (you can read it HERE) on all the songs on Pentagon’s album Love or Take. I gush over each track because I loved this comeback so much. To be honest, I lost count how many times I’ve replayed their mini album. I’m pretty sure I’ve listened to their songs almost everyday since their album was released.

Seung Yoon “IYAH”

Here’s my reaction to Kang Seung Yoon “IYAH”.

Yoon is another artist who released music towards the end of March. But I’m so happy I allowed the songs to grow on me. Each track is beautiful in their own way.

His title track “IYAH” specifically is the song that made me cry. Watching the music video and reading the lyrics broke me. I filmed my reaction (I was a mess sobbing) and I wrote a blog on Yoon’s album (you can read it HERE). His album is so personal and if you get the chance please read the lyrics to each track.

I would like to give a special shoutout to Ciipher, Drippin, Weeekly, and WJSN, those groups released great music too, check em out!

There’s more songs I would like to add to this list but I want to keep this list (somewhat) short. But make sure to check out my Spotify playlist to see all my favorite songs released in March.


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