It’s All About Love and Good Vibes in Pentagon’s ‘LOVE or TAKE’ Mini Album

Pentagon’s 11th mini album is full of bright, romantic songs, perfect for the spring (and summer) season. It’s a contrast to their emotional albums from last year – Universe: The Black Hall and WE:TH.

Last year I promised myself I would start collecting Pentagon albums – so yes, I ordered all three versions of LOVE or TAKE.

Not to sound biased or anything, but I believe Pentagon has one of the best concept pictures. They simultaneously released the webtoon versions of the members with the corresponding real pictures. Even though I don’t watch anime, I don’t read manga, nor do I watch webtoons – but I can’t deny the webtoon version of Pentagon is so cute. I can’t wait to get the physical copy of their album(s) because I whole heartedly love everything about this.

So now let’s talk about the songs on their mini album.

The first song on their mini album is “10s and”. The Korean title is “10초 전” (10 seconds ago). Hui wrote this song thinking it would be great for an animation (he mentions it in the behind the scenes video of their photoshoot for their album here). The song is bright, romantic, and sweet. The countdown easily got stuck in my head. I think it’s a great way to start the album.

I read many people online say this song doesn’t sound like Pentagon. But I think this shows how Pentagon can express themselves with different sounds and genres. They’re a group that is constantly evolving with different music styles and I love it. By the way, both Hui and Wooseok composed and wrote this song.

Here’s my reaction to Pentagon’s “DO or NOT” MV.

The title track of the mini album “DO or NOT” is about asking someone if they love you or not. The guys keep a cool persona by repeating that regardless of the answer, they don’t care. Hui also took part in writing the song. In their behind the scenes video (here) he mentions, “It [the song] begins with the question ‘Do or not?’ I wanted to show the coolest guys’ image in the world. The coolest guys in the world will do something if they like it or won’t do it if they don’t care.”

“DO or NOT” will have you jumping along to the chorus. I love the opening of the song, the guys sound like they’re an acapella group.

Left to right – Shinwon, Hongseok, Kino, Wooseok, Hui, Yeo One, Yuto, and Yanan.

The song is fun and I love how the music video equally matches it. I couldn’t stop smiling while watching the video. Each member tries to win the girl in various ways. It’s cute, bright, and bubbly. As someone who is constantly bias wrecked by a different member with each comeback…this music video made every member a bias wrecker for me. For the record, Hui is my main bias 😉

Left to right – Wooseok, Shinwon, Hongseok, Kino, Hui, Yeo One, Yuto, and Yanan.

The next song on the album “1 + 1” is a love song about finding the one and wanting to be theirs – wanting to be a couple. The chorus is addicting, after listening to this song once it’ll be stuck in your head. I’ll be honest I love all the songs on this mini album but “1 + 1” is one of my top favorite tracks (my number one fav track is coming up next). I mentioned in my reaction video that I would love to see a choreography to this song. I’m hoping maybe Kino can create something and the guys can perform it.

Speaking of Kino, he wrote the next track (which is my favorite) “Baby I Love You”. In the behind the scenes video (here) Kino mentioned he tried to “make a cute and adorable melody”, which he definitely succeeded. The song is another sweet love song. I mentioned this in my reaction video, this song would be perfect for a rom-com movie. If you’re not in love with Pentagon yet, play this song and you will be.

The next track has Wooseok written all over it. I consider “That’s Me” the 2021 version of their song “You Like” from their WE:TH album. Hui and Wooseok wrote and composed this track. This song is about boldly answering the question of “Who’s that?” They compare themselves to Gatsby. The main verse of the song can easily be added as one of Wooseok’s most memorable lines, “I’m a super hot, call me funky winky boy That’s Me.” (Yuto sings “That’s me”)

Following up the next song is “Sing-a-song” also written and composed by Hui and Wooseok. The song is about singing that song (“Sing-a-song”) and just celebrating. Wooseok said in the behind the scenes video (here), “I love an easy listening song that everybody can share easily. So I love ‘Sing-a-song’ so much. It can be a summer song because it’s very bright and exciting.”

I would like to add and say this song is great if you’re celebrating or even if you have nothing to celebrate – this song is still perfect for any occasion.

Grab a box of tissues for the next song. “Boy in time” is Hui’s solo track. He revealed this song back in 2018 and he said it was the first song he composed. It’s a letter to his younger self. He officially released the song and it also serves as a temporary farewell, since he enlisted in the military. The melody is soft and it’s almost like a lullaby. He performed this song last year with MJ (from Astro) on the piano. It’s an emotional song and one of the most beautiful songs Hui has ever composed.

He explains this song in great detail during his V Lives. Luckily someone put together the videos of Hui talking about the song into one video. I highly recommend watching it.

Pentagon’s LOVE or TAKE is a mini album that will make you smile, dance, and sing. Love is a reoccurring theme with each song. I love how positive and upbeat this mini album is. I’m happy Hui was part of this album. To be honest I thought WE:TH was the last album before Hui would enlist – so hearing him in LOVE or TAKE is a pleasant surprise.

Overall this is a great comeback for Pentagon, I’m hoping they get a win for “DO or NOT”. 😀

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You can listen to Pentagon LOVE or TAKE here:


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