Well everyone, it’s time to bid farewell to spring and welcome summer. May was filled with great “transition” songs, basically songs that are perfect for both seasons in my opinion.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m still trying to adjust to my work schedule. As you may (or may not) know I was called back to work in April. I was so used to working from home and I was able to keep up with most of the latest Kpop releases. But now my time is tight. If you follow my channel you might have noticed that I’ve missed several comebacks.

HOWEVER, I try my best to keep up. Even if I don’t write a blog or film a video about it, I try to check out all the releases.

So with all that being said here are my top favorite Kpop songs released for the month of May. These are songs I keep replaying and they’re my jam. In no particular order:

Yesung – “Corazón Perdido (Lost Heart)”

Here’s my reaction to Yesung “Corazón Perdido (Lost Heart)” MV.

The man with one of the most calming voices and a big heart towards his fans, is back! Yesung gifted the world with a beautiful album. The song “Corazón Perdido (Lost Heart)” is my personal favorite. I think about that song all the time. It’s different than anything Yesung has released before (at least to my knowledge). The song packs so much emotion you can’t help but sing along to it with all your heart.

He also released a video for it, mostly because ELF (Super Junior’s fans) requested it. I can’t expresses how sweet this man truly is. If you get the chance listen to the songs on his album Beautiful Night, you’ll melt with his voice and lyrics.

Oh My Girl – “My doll”

Here’s my reaction to Oh My Girl “Dun Dun Dance” MV.

I stated in my reaction video that Oh My Girl are spring queens. They earned that title for sure. Their music is perfect for both spring and summer. They’re a great group that transitions between seasons. Their title track “Dun Dun Dance” is upbeat and fun. But their b-side track “My doll” is the song that took my breath away.

“My doll” is hauntingly beautiful. It’s a nostalgic song about remembering their childhood. The song sounds other-worldly and magical. Their vocals are so soft and ethereal. If you haven’t listened to this song yet, you should check it out.

NCT Dream – “Hot Sauce”

Here’s my reaction to NCT Dream “Hot Sauce” MV.

I think this is the song I’ve replayed the most out of all the songs listed here. I’ve played “Hot Sauce” at least once a day (typically several times a day if I’m being honest). All seven members of the dream team are together for their first full length album! I love seeing Mark with the rest of the guys again.

I have to say their b-side tracks are impeccable too. “ANL”, “Diggity”, “Dive Into You”, “Countdown 3,2,1”, ‘Rainbow”, just to name a few of my favs, they’re all *chef’s kiss*.

Highlight – “Not The End”

Here’s my reaction to Highlight “Not The End” MV.

This was a comeback I was looking forward to the most. I became a fan of Yoon Du Jun last year when he released his solo album. That led me to learn more about Highlight and their music. Long story short I was super excited for this comeback and Highlight definitely delivered.

Their song “Not The End” is healing and beautiful. I fell in love with it the first time I heard it. I also want to mention their b-side track “Disconnected”, I replay that song too. I’m so proud of Highlight, they deserve all the recognition and love in the world.


The only word to describe TRI.BE’s comeback is: SUMMER. Their title track “RUB-A-DUM” and their b-side track “LORO” are both tied for me. Both songs are the definition of what summer should sound like. It’s fun, tropical, with some Latin vibes in it. But the song I picked for this list is “LORO”. Mostly because I think I replayed that song just a little bit more than “RUB-A-DUM”. But again, both songs are bright, colorful, and super fun. They’re easy to sing along to and I highly recommend adding these songs to your summer playlist.

By the way, I did film my reaction to their music video, but due to copyright it got blocked. This happens because their music distributer decides how they treat videos with their copyrighted content. But anyway, I am a fan of TRI.BE’s music, sadly I can’t post reaction videos to their music.

TXT – “Dear Sputnik

Here’s my reaction to TXT “0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)” MV.

TXT’s comeback is different than what I expected but it was still really good. Their title track “0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)” feat. Seori, shows a different side to the group. The song is unique and it’s a solid title track.

However the song that I keep replaying is “Dear Sputnik”. I love the lyrics, the vocals, the overall song is fantastic. Their entire mini album is great. But “Dear Sputnik” is my number one fav.

Taemin – “Advice”

Here’s my reaction to Taemin “Advice” MV.

What can I say? Taemin never misses. He continues growing as an artist, taking risks, trying different things and succeeding in those things.

“Advice” is different from his previous releases, but it’s still incredible. As well as, the rest of the songs on his album are great too. I wrote a blog post about his album, you can read it HERE. But overall in my opinion “Advice” is artistically and musically one of the best songs released this year.

BTS – “Butter”

Here’s my reaction to BTS “Butter” MV.

“Smooth like butter, like a criminal undercover…” I can’t be the only person who has the lyrics to “Butter” pop up in their head at random times throughout the day. BTS released a fun, dance, summer jam. To be honest I’m not sure if this song is considered Kpop since it’s entirely in English. There’s plenty of songs from Kpop groups in English that I love but I never included in my monthly Kpop list for that reason. Either way, I’ll still include “Butter” here cause it’s such a jam.


Here’s my reaction to EVERGLOW “FIRST” MV.

I’ve said this before and I’ll keep saying it, EVERGLOW has some of the most underappreciated b-sides. First of all, their title track “FIRST” is incredible. It’s my favorite comeback from the group. Everything about the song and their performance is so good. However their song “PLEASE PLEASE” is slower and it showcases their amazing vocals. Their harmonies are heavenly. I wrote a blog all about their comeback you can read it HERE. But if you get the chance please listen to “PLEASE PLEASE” (no pun intended) 😉

Kang Daniel feat. Loco – “Outerspace”

Of course I have to include the one and only, Kang Daniel! The collaboration with Loco was something we needed. The song “Outerspace” is smooth and groovy. Even though this wasn’t an official comeback, nor was the music video officially released on YouTube *cries*. It was a special song released for the fan app Universe. Sadly, for that reason I didn’t upload a video reaction to this awesome song. But it is available in official streaming platforms, so it’s definitely on my playlist! This song is a special gift and I’m so happy for it!

Well that wraps up my favorite Kpop songs released in May!

You can check out the rest of my favorite songs on my monthly playlist.


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