Don’t Fight The Feeling, You Know You Love EXO Too

Whether you’re a casual listener or a full on stan. EXO will have you singing “Don’t fight the feeling, yeahhh.” while tapping your foot and bobbing your head.

In their special album Don’t Fight The Feeling, EXO provides addicting summer jams, smooth vocals, and heartfelt lyrics.

Prior to enlisting in the military, Baekhyun and Chanyeol participated in this album. Plus, the best surprise of all! Lay was also in the album and music video too!

For the few of you that may not know – Lay is currently working in China. But he still recorded and filmed for the special album.


So with that being said let’s talk about this album.

Their title track “Don’t fight the feeling” will guarantee to put a smile on your face. The song is about following your instincts and not stopping yourself from what you feel. It’s uplifting and empowering.

Here’s my reaction video to EXO “Don’t fight the feeling” MV.

I’ll admit when I’m at work I play this song in my earphones. I’ve caught myself moving along to the rhythm and mouthing the chorus and Sehun’s verse “Ay yo 24/7 all day Gonna be gonna be ok 느낌대로 가던 대로.”

This song will make you move without realizing it. It’s so addicting and catchy.

The music video is just as fun as the song. Any viewer will have a blast watching all the members sing and dance in a cool spaceship. At least I did 😀

This is definitely on my list of top summer jams of 2021 (I’ll share my full list later).

The next song “Paradise” starts with Baekhyun’s soft high notes followed by Kai’s. EXO’s official twitter account describes the song as “파라다이스 (Paradise)’ to be an uptempo pop song with a catchy funky melody that wittily portrays the state of being in love!”

In the lyrics, the members profess their love to a girl and express how they want to be with her. It’s flirty and bright. It’ll be stuck in your head, trust me. I couldn’t get the song out of my head for days, but I’m not complaining. It’s a great song. I really hope one day the members will perform it live.

“No Matter” is another song with a nice funky groove. The members’ vocals are bright. The song is fun and it’s easy to listen to.

The song is about wanting to escape the busy everyday life and go wherever your feet takes you. It’s a perfect getaway type of song.

The fourth song on the album, “Runaway” was the song I fell in love with instantly. It’s R&B Pop, so it definitely stands out from the other tracks on the album.

According to EXO’s official twitter they describe the song is about “…getting away from the stifling reality and running towards a new start!”

It’s somber and emotional. I think the member’s vocals are strong in this track. When the album was first released, I replayed this song so many times. Yes, “Runaway” is still one of my top favorites.

Also I want to mention D.O. and Baekhyun’s vocal riffs in the end of the song are perfection.

Here’s my reaction video to EXO “Just as usual” video.

“Just as usual” is a sweet song with a heartfelt message to EXO-Ls. As most (if not all of you) already know, several members are currently serving their mandatory military service. This song is a reminder to EXO-Ls that EXO will be there for them.

I think the most tender moment of the song is the last verse. Chanyeol sings the first three lines, then D.O. sings that last two:

“옆자리를 지켜줄게
난 널 쭉 지켜볼게 Oh oh
계속 널 바라볼게
조금 더 내 곁에
Stay in my arms”

English translation:
“I’ll protect you next to me
I’ll keep an eye on you, oh, oh
I will keep looking at you
Come a little bit closer to me
Stay in my arms”

I love how we hear everyone’s vocals in “Just as usual” especially from Chanyeol and Sehun. All the members’ voices are soft and their harmonies are the best. I think the members should perform an acapella version of this song. 🙏

Even though this wasn’t a regular comeback. This was something EXO-Ls (and the world) needed. Hearing Lay’s vocals in each song was such a gift. I’m so happy he was able to be in the music video too. Also, I’m glad Baekhyun and Chanyeol participated in the album right before their enlistment. 

Of course I wish Suho and Chen could’ve been part of this special album. But I know they are cheering and supporting the guys on the side.

Although it’ll be a while till EXO comes back with all nine members, I’m just grateful they released this gem of an album. It’s definitely one of my top favorite albums of the year.

Thank you Xiumin, Lay, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, D.O., Kai, and Sehun for this gift.


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Here’s my first time listening to the album:

Also here’s my unboxing video to their album: