Make Way For the Summer Queen(s) Brave Girls!

If someone would tell me they’ve never heard of Brave Girls “Rollin’” by now, I would kindly say – “You’re living under a rock!”

I’m sure most of you know, Brave Girls’ song “Rollin’” went viral earlier this year. Even though the song was released in 2017. Almost everyone, especially idol groups, did covers to the song. Long story short – “Rollin’” took over the music scene (at least in Korea) by storm.

Now Brave Girls came back with their mini album Summer Queen.

I can imagine they felt pressure to deliver a song that could live up to “Rollin’”. PLUS releasing a mini album with the title ‘Summer Queen’ is a bold statement.

So could Brave Girls release a song just as good as “Rollin’”? Could they live up to the title ‘Summer Queen’?

The answer is YES and YES.

Minyoung, Yujeong, Eunji, and Yuna took on the challenge with grace and they definitely delivered.

Here’s my reaction video to Brave Girls “Chi Mat Ba Ram” MV.

I describe their new title track “Chi Mat Ba Ram” as the sister song to “Rollin’”. It perfectly captures the bright, upbeat sound of the season.

The lyrics convey all the emotions one feels when they have feelings for someone, especially in the summer.

To be honest, their comeback went beyond my expectations. Of course I was expecting a fun summer mini album. But I didn’t expect I would love and replay it as much as I do. Also “Chi Mat Ba Ram” and “Rollin’” are equally tied for me.

The next song on their mini album is “Pool Party” which features E-CHAN from their little brother group, DKB.

Just like the title implies, this song is all about having a fun pool party and just enjoying the summer.

It gives me some Katy Perry vibes (that’s a good thing). It’s easy to sing-along to. E-CHAN’s verse perfectly flows with the song. Yes, this is another one of my favorite tracks.

“Summer by myself” is about spending summer by yourself, and even if you’re lonely you can still have fun. When I saw the title “Summer by myself” I thought this might be a sad song. But nope. It’s more of a freedom type of song. You have the freedom to go anywhere you want and enjoy summer the way you want to.

This song continues the good vibes the album carries. It also has a nice 90s retro sound.

Next up on the album is “FEVER”, it has colorful disco vibes. In this song the members are calling listeners to join them and just hang out, dance and just enjoy life. Like the lyrics say, “You’re still young, wild, and free.”

The last song on the album is “Chi Mat Ba Ram” English version! I believe this song should be played in radio stations around the world – either Korean or English version. I know releasing a song in English can be tough but Brave Girls did a great job in this version too.

I love the positive message in the songs. The lyrics are uplifting and optimistic, something we need nowadays.

Brave Girls is a perfect example that you never know what can happen in life. Their story is so inspiring. They were an underrated group on the verge of disbanding. Then within a few days their song went viral and now they’re one of the biggest girl groups of the year!

Although I’m new to Brave Girls and their music, I’m happy I discovered them. The songs on Summer Queen have definitely helped me cope with stressful days.

So remember next time you feel stressed, stuck, or overwhelmed, just take a deep breath. Allow yourself to feel the warm summer breeze, in other words “Chi Mat Ba Ram” and know that good things can happen in your life, even in the most unexpected ways.


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