Red Velvet Serves Main Character Energy In Their Mini Album ‘Queendom’

After about a year since their last comeback, Red Velvet returned with a much anticipated album, Queendom.

Their previous title track “Psycho” is one of my favorite RV comebacks. The whole concept, the song, I’d never seen anything like it and it was great.

So I had high expectations for this comeback. After I heard the album and read the lyrics I could only think of one thing:

✨Main character energy. ✨

If their album could be renamed with another title I think it should be ‘I’m the Main Character’.

Seriously this whole album screams ✨main character energy ✨ and I’m all for it! But the title Queendom perfectly fits this comeback too.

I filmed an album review, you can you check it out below. BUT keep reading cause there’s more 😉

“Queendom” is an upbeat song complete with a catchy chorus. The song is about being yourself despite what people say. It’s definitely on the brighter side of RV’s songs.

Here’s my reaction video to Red Velvet’s “Queendom” MV.

The second song on their album is “Pose”. It has such a fun rom-com movie type of feel for me. I love how the lyrics are so confidence boosting. Their vocals are full of attitude. If you need a song to strut down the streets, this is the song for you. It’s just too good to just be a b-side track.

“Knock On Wood”, could definitely be a good luck charm to many. The song is about hoping luck is on your side and the person you like will fall for you.

“Better Be” is a bright, upbeat track. But I like how the rap verses are done in a lower tone. It gives the song a nice balance between the high notes in their vocals to the low notes. Not to mention the part after the chorus when they sing “better be my baby”, it’s wonderful. Also yes, I have to mention their harmonies in the bridge *chef’s kiss* it’s amazing.

The song is about being interested in someone so they better be in love with you. Again this track shines with ✨ main character energy ✨

“Pushin’ N Pullin’” showcases Red Velvet’s exquisite vocals. Their harmonies are top notch and I love how each member’s vocals blend perfectly together.

The song is about being in a relationship with someone but they are unsure of the relationship itself. They act one way and then they act a different way. But Red Velvet tells their lover that everything will be okay if they go to them.

Last but not least their song “Hello, Sunset” is slower with a beautiful melody. No pun intended but I can totally see myself playing this song watching the sunset in the summer. I think it’s a perfect song to play after a long day and just relax. Red Velvet’s vocals are just magic. Each member shines in this track, Yeri, Irene, Wendy, Seulgi, and Joy.

The song is about holding someone dear, they miss them and they want to cherish the time they have with them.

Overall this was a solid comeback from Red Velvet. The concept is fun and the album is sure to boost your confidence and make you feel like a main character 😀


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