Hello awesome reader! I hope you’re having a good summer and if you’re not, just know you are not alone. Hopefully you’ve found some songs that brighten your day, I sure have.

So for the month of July there were plenty of soloist that I’ve enjoyed their music.

Here’s my list of top Kpop songs released in the month of July, please remember this isn’t ALL the songs. You can check out the rest of my favorite list on my Spotify monthly playlist 😀

Here are my fav comebacks in no particular order.

AKMU Feat. Sam Kim – “EVEREST”

This is the song from July you MUST add to your motivation/keep going playlist. First of all AKMU released an impeccable album. The lyrics in each song are well crafted, as well as the individual videos released for each track. AKMU paid attention to every detail in their album, you can hear it through the instrumentation, their vocals, and the message in each song. I’m sure the artists they chose to collaborate with were specifically selected too.

I can talk about their album all day. But the song I want to add to my list of favs is definitely “EVEREST” feat. Sam Kim (vocalist/musician extraordinaire). It’s the last song on their album NEXT EPISODE, but it definitely leaves a strong impression. It closes out the story AKMU developed throughout the 7 songs they released. 

Ok because their album is so good I also want to add: “NAKKA” feat. IU, “Stupid Love Song” feat. Crush, and “Hey kid, close your eyes” feat. Lee Sun Hee. But honestly all the songs are top notch. 

D.O. – “Rose”

Here’s my reaction video to D.O. “Rose” MV.

I don’t think this one needs much explanation. D.O. has blessed us with probably one of the most perfect mini albums of the year. I filmed an album review, you can check it out HERE.

All the songs are amazing. His title track “Rose” is a wonderful acoustic song. He participated in writing the lyrics for it. The lyrics to “Rose” (Korean version) is so poetic and sweet. D.O.’s comforting vocals with the guitar is a perfect match. 

I could write thousands of words on how perfect each track on his album is, but that’ll take a long time. So I highly recommend checking out my album review video. This is definitely one of my favorite solo albums of the year.

Jinyoung – “DIVE”

I’ve had this song stuck in my head for several days. Jinyoung released such a refreshing single. His vocals are so smooth and light. Jinyoung is such a charming guy and I’m so happy he released this song. I look forward to hearing more music from soloist Jinyoung. I’m curious about the musical direction he’ll take as a soloist. But if “DIVE” is any indication, I’ll be very excited to hear more music from him. As well as any future music GOT7 will release too 😀

HA:TFELT – “Summertime”

Yes, we have another soloist on the list! HA:TFELT “Summertime” is nostalgic yet modern. Her vocals plus the violin in the background makes this song sound whimsical. The lyrics are about reminiscing on a past relationship during the summer. It’s quite sad yet beautiful.

DAY6 (Even of Day) – “WE”

Here’s my reaction video to DAY6 (Even of Day) “Right Through Me” MV.

Young K, Wonpil, and Dowoon returned with a beautiful retro album. If you enjoy The Beatles, Billy Joel, or some good 80s synth and dreamy 90s vibe, their album Right Through Me, is for you.

All the songs sound nostalgic mixing joyful and somber emotions. I filmed an album review, you can check it out HERE. But for this list I chose their song “WE”. It has such an honest, hopeful message. They don’t sugarcoat life. Like their lyrics say “Sometimes we fall and then we rise.” I also have to mention their other b-side “from the ending of a tragedy”. Both songs are tied for me. I love them both.

You can always count on DAY6 to write honest lyrics and release music that can resonate with anyone.

Moon Jong Up – “US”

Here’s my reaction video to Jong Up “US” MV.

I love this man’s voice. The title track to his first mini album “US” is so catchy and it has a nice groove to it. His mini album is full of great songs and as a listener I just fall in love with his voice all over again with each track I play.

Also, I have to mention the collaborations in this album are fantastic. The first song on his album “Photo” features Bang Yong Guk, and to any B.A.P. listeners, this song is a treat.

I wish more people could pay more attention to Jong Up’s music, seriously this man is a gem. 

Soyeon – “Quit”

I think Soyeon was another solo debut many people were anticipating. She released her quirky, fun title track “Beam Beam”. I have to say that song is very catchy. However the song I decided to put on this list is “Quit”…..and if I can add a second song it would be “Weather”.

The song “Quit” I think is a jam even though it’s a breakup song.

Soyeon is definitely solidifying herself as a strong song writer and performer. I look forward to hearing more music from her in the future.

SF9 – “Off My Mind” 

Here’s my reaction video to SF9 “Tear Drop” MV.

If I could add “|Believer|” to this list I would. But that song was released a while ago. If you’ve watched my YouTube videos you know how much I love this song. But instead I chose “Off My Mind”, it’s fast paced and addicting. Also quick shoutout to their other b-side track that I also love “Love Again”.  By the way, yes I did film an album review for SF9, you can watch it HERE.

Sole Feat. Wonstein – “Stay with me”

Once again, Wonstein is on the list. So far Wonstein has been featured in three songs (for the month of July) – at least to my knowledge. What can I say, the man has some of the BEST collaborations of the year.

So the song “Stay with me” from Sole is absolutely beautiful. I recently discovered her and my goodness she’s incredible. This song in particular is beautiful yet sad. I also have to mention the music video, what a story! Please watch the music video.

Alright so there you have it! Those were my top favorite songs released in July. Once again check out my monthly Spotify playlist to check out the rest of the list.


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