WOODZ ‘Only Lovers Left’ Narrates A Bittersweet Love Story In The Best Way

Love, heartbreak, passion, confusion, happiness, sadness, it’s all in one album.

WOODZ (Seungyoun) Only Lovers Left is a no-skip, keep it on repeat, replay all day, type of album. I have played this album over and over so many times in the past couple of weeks.

I’ve been a fan of WOODZ music for two years now, but this album has left a strong impression on me. My respect for him as an artist has grown immensely.

My favorite type of albums are the ones that tell a story through great music. I love when each song is part of a narrative – and yes, Seungyoun did that with this album.

The first song “Multiply” is about wanting to be with someone and being so in love with them.

The second song “Thinkin Bout You” is my favorite song. The title perfectly explains the message of this track – he can’t stop thinking about the person he loves. I’d say this track shows the early stages of a relationship.

The third song “Sour Candy”, continuous the flirtatious, crush stage in a relationship. This song is cute and fun.

The fourth song, is the sexiest song of the album, “Kiss of Fire”, this is when the relationship is at its peak. It’s full of passion and the title perfectly sums it up.

The fifth song, “Chaser” has an 80s rock / action movie sound. This is the part when the relationship starts to crumble. Seungyoun realizes the girl he loves was lying to him.

In the final song, “Waiting”, Seungyoun knows the girl he loves is waiting for someone else. She moved on. The love he thought was there, isn’t there and it’s driving him crazy how he feels about her – even though she doesn’t reciprocate those feelings.

Each track is incredible. This has quickly become one of my top albums of the year. Every song has a different sound but they flow so perfectly in this album.

I give my full applause and a standing ovation to Seungyoun and his team for Only Lovers Left. It’s rare to find a no-skip album but Seungyoun managed to create one.

I filmed a full album review and I filmed my reaction to his music video for “Waiting”. You can check em out below 🙂

If you haven’t listened to WOODZ Only Lovers Left, please do, you will not be disappointed.


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