September came and now it’s gone. But it gave us wonderful music and so far October is sounding SO good. 

I’ve kinda slowed down with comebacks because I want to take time to enjoy them more. Even if that means missing several music releases from other groups and artists. I’m sure I’ll catch up and check out the ones I’ve missed. But it’s always important to take time and enjoy the music, enjoy a comeback, and have fun supporting your favs.

Kpop is a never ending cycle of music releases and it’s hard to keep up with it all. Sometimes I feel the pressure of checking everything out. But I have to remind myself that it’s okay to slow down, even if that means I’ll miss some comebacks and debuts.

Now with all that being said, here is my list of favorite Kpop comebacks for September. These are songs that I definitely enjoyed. 

Here’s my list in no particular order.

A.C.E “Changer” 

Here’s my video reaction to A.C.E “Changer” MV.

This comeback is bittersweet. Wow and Donghun are currently serving in the military, so this was their last comeback as five for now. “Changer” is a fun song, the whole concept felt down to earth, simple, yet charming. A.C.E are known for unique and bold concepts but I like how they changed it up (no pun intended) with “Changer”. 

Young K “goodnight, dear”

Here’s my video reaction to Young K “Guard You” MV.

The sweetest, the softest, the most calming song of the month (for me at least), is Young K’s “goodnight, dear”. This is another bittersweet album because Young K will also be heading to the military soon. I’ve enjoyed Young K’s album and specifically his lyrics. There’s so much I want to say about his album – but luckily I filmed an album review, you can check it out HERE. I gush over the lyrics and his overall album.

HyunA and Dawn “Ping Pong” 

The amount of times I’ve played this song and watched their music show performances is astonishing. First of all HyunA’s “I’m Not Cool” is one of my favorite songs of 2021. Now “Ping Pong” feels like a great companion to it. “Ping Pong” is a party song. It’s addicting, dance worthy, and replay worthy. I memorized the choreography, I know the lyrics, everything about this song is super fun. HyunA and Dawn are a powerhouse couple and their stage presence is unmatched. I’m so happy they are given the freedom to express themselves and release music together.

NCT 127 “Lemonade”

Here’s my video reaction to NCT 127 “Lemonade”.

If you’ve seen my videos and read my previous blog post, you know how I feel about this comeback. NCT 127’s title track “Sticker” wasn’t particularly my favorite. But their b-side track “Lemonade” is another favorite song of mine for 2021. You can read my full post on it HERE. But overall “Lemonade” and their other b-sides “Magic Carpet Ride” and “Bring the Noize” are gems, I love them. 

Purple Kiss “Zombie”

Here’s my video reaction to Purple Kiss “Zombie” MV.

Purple Kiss released a perfect song for the Halloween season. Their song “Zombie” is catchy. The whole concept is different from their debut, but I still love it. They definitely put a twist to the whole zombie concept. I love how their b-sides showcase their beautiful vocals too. So tied with “Zombie” is their b-sides: “Cast pearls before swine” and “Twinkle”.

ATEEZ “Deja Vu”

Here’s my video reaction to ATEEZ “DEJA VU” MV.

Yes, I was team “Deja Vu” from the beginning so I was very happy when it was the first song ATEEZ released. The song and overall performance is much sexier than anything they’ve done before. Even though it’s a slight concept change, I think ATEEZ did a great job with this song. I also want to mention their second title track “Eternal Sunshine” is different but just as good, it’s bright and fun. But “Deja Vu” is more my style 😉

Key “Saturday Night” 

Here’s my reaction video to Key’s “Bad Love” MV.

In all honesty “Saturday Night” and “Hate that…” are tied. I love both songs. “Saturday Night” is fun and catchy. I often catch myself repeating the lyrics. The whole album sounds retro and Key really thrives with this genre. Of course his title track “Bad Love” is great too. It’s unique, and dare I say…’s out of this world! I talk more about it HERE.

ITZY “Loco” 

Here’s my video reaction to ITZY’s “LOCO” MV.

ITZY never disappoints. With each comeback they always deliver. “Loco” is upbeat and super fun. The bridge is one of my favorite moments of the song. I love how the members are full of attitude and confidence. Also, quick shoutout to their b-sides “Sooo Lucky” and “Mirror”, definitely my favs as well.

Lisa “Lalisa” 

Here’s my video reaction to Lisa’s “LALISA” MV.

Fierce, bold, and iconic. Lisa made her official solo debut and it was worth all the hype. The song is all about Lisa and her confidence. This is definitely one of my top favorite solo debuts of the year. The song has various elements and genres but they work so well together. “Lalisa” is the type of song that will be stuck in your head for days. So yes, you should definitely listen to it.

You can check out my monthly Spotify playlist to check out more songs that I enjoyed in September 😀


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