The Boyz ‘MAVERICK’ Smashed Every Expectation

I was expecting great things from THE BOYZ, especially since their previous comebacks have been incredible. But there’s no denying “MAVERICK” takes a dark turn and it has catapulted The Boyz further to solidifying their strength as a group.

Along with “MAVERICK” The Boyz released two b-side tracks: “Hypnotized” and “Russian Roulette”. Both songs fit perfectly with the sound and vibe from “MAVERICK”. The harmonies and vocals are next level.

In a sea of Kpop groups vying for attention, The Boyz made their mark.

This was a solid start to November and I’m completely impressed with this comeback.

Make sure to listen to their songs on official music streaming platforms 🙂

Here’s my reaction video and my first lesson to their b-sides.


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