October was one of those months that was filled with incredible albums…yes albums not just title tracks. But I feel like I haven’t been able to fully enjoy each of them. Like I mentioned in my September post, I’ve been slowing down with comebacks to focus on individual comebacks more.

Yes, there are certain albums that I’ve had on repeat almost all month – therefore I wasn’t able to appreciate other albums. But I tried my best to hear as many comebacks as I can.

So with all that being said here are my top favorite comebacks/songs from October, in no particular order.

CNBLUE “Love Cut”

Here’s my reaction to CNBLUE “Love Cut” MV.

An album that I consider one of the best of the month goes to CNBLUE Wanted. CNBLUE is one of my top groups and I waited all year for their comeback. I’ve had their album on repeat. Since it was released towards the end of October, technically I can’t say that I played it all month. But trust me, it’s been on repeat. I love the whole cowboy concept and the song is super catchy with a great message. I wrote a blog (and also posted several videos too) on their album. You can check it out HERE.

WOODZ (Seungyoun) “Thinkin bout you”

Here’s my reaction video to WOODZ “Waiting” MV.

Hands down, another one of the best albums of the month (and year) goes to Seungyoun. From the second I heard “Thinkin bout you” it instantly became my favorite track. But honestly all the songs on his album are incredible. His album Only Lovers Left is the most replayed album of the month. I couldn’t listen to anything else, I kept returning to Seungyoun. I wrote a full blog post (and posted several videos) on his album. You can check it out HERE.

WOODZ title track is “Waiting”, check out his official MV here.

Aespa “aenergy”

Here’s my reaction to aespa “Savage” MV.

Aespa is a powerhouse rookie group and their comeback definitely delivered. Their song “Savage” is super catchy, same for their b-side tracks. But I keep returning to “aenergy”, that song has been my go-to motivation song. It’s so strong and their vocals are amazing (not only in this song but in all their songs too).

Aespa’s title track is “Savage”, check out their MV here.

Youngjae “Eternal”

Here’s my reaction to Youngjae’s “Vibin” MV.

Youngjae is another artist that released a fantastic album, all the songs are amazing. But “Eternal” has something special in it. It’s softer and heartfelt. Youngjae’s smooth vocals eases the listener to just hear the lyrics and the melody. This song is pure magic.

Youngjae’s title track is “Vibin”, check out his MV here.

Seventeen “Rock with you”

Here’s my reaction video to Seventeen “Rock with you” MV.

Yup, this song was love at first listen. If you watched my reaction video…it’s embarrassingly evident how quickly I loved the song. It’s super catchy and fun. Good vibes all around. I’ve caught myself humming this song throughout the day. Also the other songs on their album are great too – each unit definitely delivered great tracks.

Sunmi “Go or Stop?”

Sunmi released this addicting song and I had it on repeat. I lost count how many times I played it in a row…but it’s a lot. Yes, I played this song early in the morning, as soon as I sat down in my desk at work, with a cup of coffee. If you need a song to energize you in the morning and prepare you for any morning classes or meetings….trust me this song is perfect.

Eric Nam “I Don’t Know You Anymore”

Here’s my reaction to Eric Nam “I Don’t Know You Anymore” MV.

Eric Nam returned with the perfect post breakup song. “I Don’t Know You Anymore” is jam worthy with awesome lyrics. I know this song is just a preview of what Eric Nam will release in the future and I’m super excited for it!

Enhypen “Tamed-Dashed”

Here’s my reaction to ENHYPEN “Tamed-Dashed” MV.

I’ll admit it was very hard to pick which song I enjoyed the most. I love “Tamed-Dashed” but also their b-side tracks “Go Big or Go Home” and “Blockbuster” feat. Yeonjun. I also have to mention their intro track, “Intro: Whiteout”. Enhypen always delivers mysterious comebacks. Their concept is so cool and the songs on their albums build upon their storyline. But I stuck with “Tamed-Dashed” because it’s just epic…but trust me, please listen to their b-sides too, they’re just as good!

Park Jihoon “All yours”

Here’s my reaction to Park Jihoon “Seriously” MV.

Jihoon came back with an emotional title track “Serious”, which is really good! But I also love his b-side track “All yours”, it’s sweet and softer. I love the guitar and his vocals. Jihoon is an all around artist – he sings, acts, raps, dances, he really immerses himself in his art.

Jihoon’s title track is “Serious”, check out his MV here.

You can check out my monthly Spotify playlist to check out more songs that I enjoyed in October.


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