Stray Kids “Christmas EveL” is One of The Most Unique Unconventional Christmas Songs Ever

“Christmas EveL” has Stray Kids classic sound – of course when 3RACHA (Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han) work on a song you know it’ll be amazing. This track is intense and badass – great vocals with epic rap verses.

The members sing about the annoyances that come with the season – slippery roads, junk messages. Here are some of my favorite lines:

“The winter snow is pretty for just a second. Romantic? Not.

“Thanks to the slippery road, there’s more traffic. Thanks so much, winter”

“I don’t get a single call, only junk messages. I hate everyone.”

The music video itself is fun. The members are Santa’s backup and they have to deliver gifts, while being their chaotic selves.

If you have a Christmas party coming up I recommend adding this song to your playlist.

Along with “Christmas EveL” they released three other b-side tracks.

In “24 to 25” the members sing about wanting a special someone to stay with them for Christmas. It’s a tender song – the total opposite of “Christmas EveL”.

I like how they use the word ‘stay’, because of the double meaning – their fans ‘STAY’. I love their vocals in this song. Shoutout to Changbin, his verses are so soft and sweet. This song is like a cup of hot chocolate – warm and comforting.

I love that Stray Kids rappers are vocalists as well. The duality of this group is incredible.

The next track was written by Han. “Winter Falls” is an emotional song about a relationship that’s falling apart. The vocals are also beautiful, especially Bang Chan and Seungmin. But honestly, ALL the members are vocal kings. The music video perfectly captures the drama and pain expressed in the lyrics.

The final track is “Domino” English version! “Domino” is a song they released in their previous album NOEASY. It’s one of my favorite tracks. It’s high energy, intense, and I love it. Although I’m used to hearing the original version, hearing the members sing this song in English is a treat.

Overall I’m happy Stray Kids gifted us diverse songs and videos for the season. Instead of releasing traditional sounding holiday music, they gave it a twist while maintaining their identity and sound as a group.

Make sure to add these songs to your holiday playlists!

Also Felix Navidad 😉


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