Have I ever mentioned November and especially December are the busiest months of the year for me?

Personally, November and December are really hard months for me to keep up with Kpop comebacks (and debuts). This is the time when I’m wrapping things up for the year and am busy preparing for the holidays. That’s why my list of November favorites is much shorter than usual.

BUT nonetheless I’m still happy these songs were released and they’re definitely my jam.

So here are my top favorites of the month in no particular order.

Super Junior D&E “Beautiful Liar”

Here’s my reaction to Super Junior D&E “Beautiful Liar” video.

I fell in LOVE with this song the instant the chorus happened. This song is (no pun intended) BEAUTIFUL! Eunhyuk released a special performance video for it. The choreography is just as amazing. I love how each movement matches with the beat and flow of the song.

I had it on repeat so many times (it made it on my Spotify wrapped top songs of 2021). Their whole album is great and their title track “Zero” is super fun and groovy. But I keep going back to “Beautiful Liar”. It’s addicting.

ONEUS “Luna”

Here’s my reaction video to ONEUS “Luna” MV.

Korean culture + strong concept + a song that blends tradition and modern sounds = spectacular comeback! I love how it feels like a brother song to their previous song “Lit”.

Oneus has established themselves as Concept Princes in my book and rightfully so.

The Boyz “Maverick”

Here’s my reaction video to The Boyz “Maverick” MV.

Now this is a powerhouse song. The Boyz “Maverick” went beyond my expectations. The chorus is intense and addicting. I’m glad they released it just in time for award season! Watching their performances of this song has been amazing.

But not only did “Maverick” exceeded my expectations but their b-sides are just as awesome. “Hypnotized” and “Russian Roulette” are my favorites too (honestly I’d list all three as my top favs of the month).

I posted a separate blog post about their overall comeback (including my reaction vids). You can check it out HERE.

SF9 “Trauma”

Here’s my reaction video to SF9 “Trauma” MV.

Next up are the smoothest guys, SF9. “Trauma” continues with their dark and sexy concept. The song has beautiful high notes and quick rap verses.

Despite many groups having done the sexy concept, SF9 do it their own way. I believe they found what works for them and they make it uniquely theirs. I would also like to add- doing this type of concept while keeping your identity as a group is really hard. But SF9 did it.

Hwasa “I’m a 빛”

Hwasa returned with a song that is bold and unapologetic. It’s an anthem and I’ve had this song on replay almost every day. Along with her b-side tracks, “I’m a 빛” has honest lyrics and it’s relatable.

I wrote a full blog post on her comeback. You can read about it HERE.

Kai “Come In”

Here’s my reaction video to Kai’s “Peaches” MV.

I absolutely adore Kai’s album Peaches. All the songs are my favorite. I wrote a full recap on his online concert, you can read it HERE. However, the song that I am absolutely in love with his “Come In”. I could listen to that song all day. Along with “Vanilla”. But “Come In” is a gem. The performance to it during his online concert was spectacular. I hope one day he’ll release a video for it. It’s incredible.

Monsta X “Rush Hour”

Here’s my reaction video to MONSTA X “Rush Hour” MV.

MONSTA X “Rush Hour” is unique and 100% them. Although, I’ll admit I also love their b-side track, “Mercy”. That song was written by Hyungwon and I have to say, everything he creates is gold. But honestly, MONSTA X is a group of talented songwriters. Overall this comeback was epic and I’m so proud of them.

B1A4 “Adore You”

Here’s my reaction video to B1A4 “Adore You” MV.

One of the most heartfelt and emotional comeback is from B1A4. This was their last song released before Sandeul enlisted in the military. The song is so sweet. They released it with BANA (their fans) in mind. B1A4 never fails to bring magic through their music.

If you want to see all my fav songs released in November, check out my Spotify playlist.

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